10-Card Email Tarot Reading, Celtic Cross Spread ($25.00)

Do you need clarity about your career, relationships (love, friendship, family), or other matters? Gain insight through a 10-Card Email Tarot Reading, Celtic Cross Spread.

To book a 10-Card Email Tarot Reading, Celtic Cross Spread,
visit Ms. Joyce Tarot on Etsy.

Here is the spread (called a Celtic Cross) and the meaning of each card position:

After you make your purchase, I will need the following information:

1. Your first name
2. Your date of birth, at least the month and date (the year is optional)
3. Ask your question (one question one specific topic). Explain the circumstances and tell me what you hope to learn from the Tarot reading
4. A photo of you (optional)

I will draw 10 cards for a Celtic Cross spread. You have a choice of me using the Rider-Waite deck or the Angel Tarot, which is a 78-card deck based on the Rider-Waite system. I will email you a .pdf of your detailed Tarot reading including a photo of the cards I drew for you, within 3-5 business days.

I reserve the right to cancel a reading if I feel I can’t be of any help. If I cancel the reading, I will refund your money. Other than that, I will NOT refund readings.

I am bound by law to tell you that this reading is for entertainment only. It is not legally binding and does not in any way replace professional medical, financial, or legal advice.