Daily Tarot Reading for 7-19-2017

The card for today is the Queen of Cups, an energy of love, compassion, nurturing, and support. Show love and concern to the people around you today. But most importantly, direct that loving energy toward yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love who you are unconditionally. In addition, become a master of your emotions. Respect your boundaries and those of others. Yet don’t be afraid to express your love for fear that you will not be accepted. Feel your way along toward balance.

Each and every one of us has “masculine” energy and “feminine” energy inside of us. The Queen of Cups is a feminine energy, so for a man, today’s suggestion is to tap into your compassionate feminine side and express it through your male identity.

Many women also have a hard time expressing their feminine side. Sometimes women feel the need to protect themselves by not appearing weak. Some feel that in order to survive in a male-dominated society they have to act tough. Women: Today is a great day to let down your guard.

Today, you may come in contact with a person who is an emotional support for you, someone who cares about you, and makes you feel loved. Cherish the time spent with that person. Those moments are truly special.

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