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Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 6-29 to 7-1-2018

The Tarot card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is the Two of Cups. New romantic relationships could start to develop that have the potential to be long lasting. If you are already in a relationship, your bond could deepen even further. If romance is not in the cards for you (excuse the pun), then this message may relate to friendships, creative collaborations, and family ties. Whatever the case may be, open your heart to the possibility of deep emotional fulfillment  as a result of your association with other people.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-28-2018

Hi, all. I’m doing something a little different for today only. As I was shuffling the cards for today’s read, two of them popped out. Usually when that happens, I choose to read the card closest to me or the one on top of the other. But today, spirit called on me to read them both.

So with the Page of Pentacles with the Ten of Cups, the message is to stay focused on what is important — which is being happy and sharing love with friends and family. You can have a traditional idea of family or you can decide for yourself who your family members are. You may choose to include people who resonate with the vibration of your soul.  Most importantly, though, take all the love you shower on others and give yourself at least that much love — if not more. Look at yourself, flaws and all, with total acceptance and no judgment. These are the keys to happiness.

So don’t get caught up in distractions such as minor disagreements with coworkers, world events/politics, and celebrity gossip. At least for one day, bring it in. Let’s have a group hug.

Have an awesome day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-27-2018

The Tarot card of the day is the King of Swords. This is a day to practice clear communication and clear thinking. Look at your situation objectively, like the character on the card. Try to master the ability to put your emotions in check. Don’t take things personally — and by that I mean consider your past experiences when you make a decision but don’t attach to the emotions. To strike a balance between knowledge and wisdom is a lesson of the King of Swords. Being fair and compassionate to others, and especially to yourself, is another.

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-26-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Two of Wands. Just like the person shown on the card, the world is in your hands — just as long as you control your energy and keep it in balance. So when it comes to work projects, home projects, and other projects that you care passionately about, direct your energy in a definite direction instead of being scattered. Another person may be there to help you with this project. Make sure that the work is divided equally between you, that this is a true collaboration, and that one person is not bossing the other one around. This may apply to romantic relationships, as well.

Have an energetically balanced day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-25-2018

Hi, all! The Tarot card of the day is the Hanged Man. There is a lot going on in the astrology arena this week with Mars going retrograde tomorrow and a full moon coming in a few days. With the retrograde energy, we may be tempted to second guess ourselves when it comes to projects or relationships. I think the Hanged Man is telling us to not move so fast. Look at your options from all angles and take your time when making big decisions. At the same time, don’t stress too much. Being mindful and aware helps make life a little easier to deal with.

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 6-22 to 6-24-2018

The Tarot card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is the Five of Swords. This weekend may be a tricksy one. For all you non-Lord of the Rings fans, this means that there may be lots of petty arguments or mind games. If you are the one tempted to start the bickering, think twice about whether it is worth it. Do you have to be right all the time? Pick your battles and if it’s not such a big deal, then just let it go. If someone starts it with you, consider not reacting in the moment. Walk away and see how your feel in 30 minutes to an hour. You may not even remember what your were mad about in the first place.

Have a peaceful weekend.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-21-2018

Happy Solstice!

The Tarot card of the day is the Three of Wands. If you have been trying to take charge of your life, you are starting to see your efforts pay off. This is more than just good luck. This is a result of your energy and dedication, whether it is in career, relationships, or spirituality. You have found that the key to success is when you take ownership of your destiny and when you take responsibility for your own happiness. Results don’t happen overnight, but that’s okay. When the results start to occur, it is very sweet.

Have a  wonderful day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-20-2018

The Tarot card of the day is Justice. Situations in your work or personal life may be reaching a turning point. These events are karmic. By that I mean that the situation has been building up for a while and now it will come to a conclusion based on your and other people’s actions. Consider that things happen for a reason, so there is no need to blame anyone, including yourself. Be objective and realize that we all do what we do based on the information we have at the moment. Stay in the moment, and do your best today as a way of paving the way for tomorrow.

Have a good day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-19-2018

The Tarot card of the day is the Ace of Cups. This is a great day to find your happy place and simply soak in the good feelings. Go through your day with a sense of newness. Be open minded when it comes to dealing with other people. Be aware of any bias you may have and instead try to see everyone you come in contact with as another version of yourself. Make a new friend. Strengthen your relationship with someone you know by having a heart-to-heart conversation. Determine that this is the day you will get rid of self judgment and replace it with self love.

Have a glorious day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-18-2018

Hello, all! The Tarot card to start us off this week is the Page of Wands. This card shows that the good ideas you have been thinking about for a while are beginning to take shape. Someone may be helping you with this project. It could have to do with your career. It could also be that the ingredients for a relationship are finally coming together to create a delicious romantic pie. With this good energy flowing, be aware that you may doubt yourself and lack the confidence to follow through with it all. However, give it your best effort and enjoy the process. Life doesn’t get any better than that — no matter what the outcome.

Have a dynamic day.