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Daily Tarot Reading for 12-31-2018

Hello all! The Tarot card for today is the Ten of Wands (Burdens). The Universe is talking loud and clear. With this being the last day of the calendar year, this is a perfect card to show itself.

For many of us, this has been a year full of high energy, change, and hard work. The Ten of Wands is a card of completion. So lay down your burdens. Know that you have done your best.  That’s what New Year’s Eve is for, to celebrate accomplishments, have fun, and look forward with hope to the future.

Have an awesome day!

Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 12-28 to 12-30-2018

The Tarot cards for today, Saturday, and Sunday are the Nine of Swords (Stress) and the Knight of Wands (Action). It’s easy to get carried away with worrying thoughts to the point where you become stressed out. If you can, take some deep breaths. Instead of thinking about what has happened in the past or what could happen in the future, take action. What can you actually do to make things better? What can you do to try to prevent something from happening? In both of those cases, the thing to do is to deal with the here and now.

Wishing you peace and love.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-27-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Queen of Cups (Sensitivity). Channel the Queen of Cups energy by accepting any emotion that comes up for you today. Use your heart’s wisdom. Instead of reacting right away, process your feelings and let them guide you to where you need to go. Allowing yourself to feel is the basic tool of intuition.

Have a beautiful day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-26-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Nine of Pentacles (Comfort). This is a card about being able to enjoy yourself after having worked hard. So if you can today, do something nice for yourself that makes you feel good. You earned it. You deserve it.

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-25-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Five of Pentacles (Isolation).

First of all, I’d like to wish all who celebrate it a Merry Christmas!

With that being said, today’s card may not resonate with all of you. But it has been shown that the holidays can be a stressful time for some people.

You may feel like there is a lot of pressure on you to make others happy, while at the same time not receiving much support for yourself.

Some of you may be by yourself.  Some of you may feel lonely in a house full of people around you.

As I mentioned yesterday, I believe that the holidays are about connection. And if it is difficult to connect with others, then the feeling of loneliness may be the Universe’s way of helping us connect to ourselves. Alone time is an opportunity to align with our highest purpose.

Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t have to be too heavy. Take it light. Ask others to help you if you feel overwhelmed. At the family dinner, you may not connect with someone on all levels. But if you have any common ground at all, that is enough to create even a small bond with another person. When it is all said and done, take pride in what you have accomplished, and know that others appreciated what you did (even if they didn’t express their thanks).

If you are by yourself, do what makes you feel good. Pamper the parts of yourself that feel unloved by getting rest, entertaining yourself, eating comfort foods — don’t judge yourself. Go beneath the surface to find out what you need.  Strengthen your connection to self.  Then when the time is right, find ways to share yourself with other people.

Wishing you much love and peace.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-24-2018

Hi, all! The Tarot card for today is the High Priestess (Angel of Power).  There are many ideas about what this holiday season should be about. The truth is that each of us has the power to create our own meaning. Like the High Priestess, go beneath the surface.

Take the time to feel into what it all means, whether you are exchanging gifts at this time, preparing a holiday meal, not celebrating anything in particular, and/or spending time alone. Aside from any religious aspects, I believe that all of it has to do with connection — wanting to feel close to others and to feel connected within yourself.

While some of you are deepening your connections with family and friends, some of you may feel lonely and disconnected. If it helps, know that many others feel the same way you do.

Here’s something that goes on beneath the surface: When I do my daily readings, I  ask the Universe to help me channel the message that my readers need to see. The card pops out of the deck as I’m shuffling, then I write about it. If this message resonates with you, then you are connected here as part of the collective.

Have a beautiful day.

Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 12-21 to 12-23-2018

The Tarot card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is the Star (Angel of Hope). If nothing else, I try to use my Tarot messages to encourage everyone to believe in their own power. It’s something I want to talk more about in the months to come.

But for now, listen up: You may be: 1) celebrating a holiday with family and friends, 2) intentionally not celebrating anything, or 3) spending time alone. Regardless,  I personally believe that things happen for a reason and if you are reading this post today, you were meant to see this.

You are a star shining your light. You are glorious. You are hope itself. You are the example the world looks to and the face of courage.  Take a few minutes to close your eyes and wrap your arms around yourself. Embrace who you are and your potential.

Have an amazing weekend.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-20-2018

The Tarot cards for today are the Sun (Angel of Happiness) and the Fool (Angel of Innocence). What an awesome combination. As you wind up this busy week, get in the mood for relaxation. Greet the day with no expectations and don’t allow negative thoughts to stay in your mind for very long. Regardless of whatever is going on in your life, create your own peaceful space. Understand that you can come to this same space of happiness and bliss any time you want to.

Have a beautiful day.



































Daily Tarot Reading for 12-19-2018

The Tarot cards for today are the Magician (Angel of Magic) and the Eight of Pentacles (Dedication).  Like the Magician, use all the tools that you have available: logic (Swords), common sense (Pentacles), your sixth sense (Cups), and gut instinct. Use these tools to make magic out of work projects that show your skill, as well as family-related projects, such as buying/wrapping gifts and decorating.



Daily Tarot Reading for 12-18-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Nine of Wands (Determination). We have gone through a lot this month. There has been an abundance of energy that has taken us in many  different directions.  Some of you are finishing year-end business and some are preparing for/celebrating the holidays.  Some are simply trying to hold steady and get through this madness. Although you may be tired, take heart in knowing that this cycle of activity is almost over. You may be determined to hang in there but make sure not to exhaust yourself!

Have a fabulous day.