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The Starman Tarot: Review

The Starman Tarot is a beautiful 78-card deck based on the Rider-Waite system of divination. The theme of this deck is the mythology surrounding the late great David Bowie. Bowie was a musician and actor who started his career when he was a teenager in the 1960s. He went on to become a superstar.

I was drawn to this deck because I greatly admire David Bowie as an artist. I became aware of him in the ’70s when his song “Fame” was a hit on the charts. I have loved his music over the years, but in addition, I have always been drawn to his distinctive look, which has ranged from in-your-face androgyny to extremely tailored, well-dressed metrosexual. At every stage of the game, he impressed me as being modern and forward thinking.

The Starman Tarot is illustrated by Davide De Angelis who worked with Bowie on several art projects including album art. The deck is beautifully packaged and includes a nearly 200-page guidebook. The book is a great read. It describes each card in detail and the introductory chapters also talk about De Angelis’ relationship with Bowie and the history of Tarot itself.

The card stock is excellent, very sturdy, and the finish is so smooth that the cards are very easy to shuffle. But they are not so slippery that they fall all over the place. They fit well in my hands. The backs of the cards have a simple design; the artist says it is alien calligraphy. Why not? It works for me!

When it comes to the card descriptions, De Angelis shares his own personal feelings about what the cards mean to him — and he has some wonderful insights. For instance, he feels that the Chariot and Strength cards are the masculine and feminine sides of the same energy. He explains that whereas the masculine energy of the Chariot card is about determination and taking power through the sheer force of will, the feminine energy of the Strength card is about controlling a situation using serenity and the power of heart. Throughout, it is clear that Davide has thought deeply about the Tarot and that this deck is not just a gimmick.

While some of the images on the cards clearly depict a man or a woman, some of the characters are ambiguous as far as which sex they are. I love this because it reflects David Bowie’s gender-bending persona. Just as importantly, for me anyway, this is in line with my own personal philosophy that it doesn’t matter whether you are a woman or a man, you have both masculine and feminine qualities that you can tap into.

Of course, many of the characters on the card have David Bowie’s face. Most notably is the Starman, which is this deck’s version of the Magician. Starman was a title of a David Bowie song released in 1972. The Alien, which corresponds to the Hermit card, reminds me of the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth, which Bowie starred in. Other cards in the deck that have Bowie’s face include the Moon, the Devil, and the Wheel.

What I also appreciate about this deck is that the artist made it a point to make his characters racially ambiguous, as well. Don’t get me wrong: I love, love, love and respect the traditional Rider-Waite images because they have given us a language for us to tap into our intuition. But all languages evolve over time, and I love it that modern Tarot decks are constantly being created to reflect both the creators of the cards and the society they live in.

As I mentioned up top, the drawings on the cards are spectacular. The palette is rather dark but with bursts of bright color. The imagery is dense and the emotional intensity is off the charts.

If I had one criticism, i will say that I can imagine that some may find this deck to be overwhelming. Not one section of any card is empty, and for me I have to ask the question: Is every stroke symbolic of meaning or is it just decoration?

For one example, the Lovers card is simply gorgeous to look at. Around the lovers’ midsection, there is a swarm of bees. In the guidebook, the artist notes that the bees are dripping with honey, and that honey is an ancient symbol of love and fertility and was thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac. There are dozens of bees in that image. Yet, how many bees were needed to convey the symbolism: Would one bigger bee, or even a few bees, be enough?

In this case, I think the sheer number of bees in this image is a stylistic thing rather than a symbolic one. But with that being said, the overall power and feel of this deck is well worth overlooking any excesses. It is a beautiful work and a heartfelt manifestation of self expression. For me, it is a pleasure working with this deck.

What do you think of this review? Have you worked with this deck and how do you like it? Please leave your comments. Peace and Love.


The Sacral Chakra: How to Balance the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is an energy center located in area of the lower belly below the naval. The sacral chakra resonates with the color orange. The body parts associated with the sacral chakra include the lower back, the sexual and reproductive organs, hips, bladder, kidneys, stomach, large intestine, pelvis, appendix, and bodily fluids. Spiritually and emotionally, the sacral chakra is the seat of our emotions and helps us to form emotional connections with other people.

In addition to our emotions, the sacral chakra is related to our desires, sexuality, libido, sensuality, money, relationships, intimacy, nurturing, and our sense of feeling pleasure. Keep in mind that just as the sacral chakra is associated with our sexual organs, which we use to create life in the form of children, the sacral chakra is also associated with creativity in a broader sense, such as using your imagination to make something new.

When energy is flowing through the sacral chakra properly, you feel emotionally grounded, you are able to be playful and have fun, you are able tap into your creativity, you are comfortable with your sexuality, you are energetic, and are passionate about the things you like to do. In addition, you have healthy emotional boundaries and healthy relationships with other people, both generally and with your sexual partners or significant other.

There are some experiences in life that can contribute to an imbalance of the sacral chakra. A couple of examples include being in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship or being the victim of rape. However, feeling triggered is often a symptom of an issue that stems back to childhood, such as sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; neglect; rejection; emotional manipulation; or strict moral or religious indoctrination.

Some spiritual and emotional signs that there may be an imbalance of the sacral chakra include a tendency to blame others or turning that feeling inward in the form of  guilt and shame; eating disorders, substance abuse, and gambling or shopping addictions; being sexually impulsive; emotional overreactions; low libido, issues with money, power, and control; feeling emotionally numb or cold; excessive emotional attachment to people or objects; and lack of creativity.

Physical signs that there may be an imbalance of the sacral chakra include low back pain, sciatica, gynecological problems, infertility, stomach cramps, impotence, pelvic pain, and urinary problems.

There are relatively easy ways to begin to re-balance your sacral chakra. But first, understand that you must be aware of your emotional and physical reactions when you feel them in order for these methods to be effective. Be mindful and intentional about your chakra work. Also, make it a point to consistently practice those chakra balancing exercises until you feel a change. Even though you will have to reconcile the core issues that contributed to the imbalance, once you start doing these simple practices, the deeper meaning of your sacral chakra blockage will be revealed to you in a way that will make resolving these issues easier. Remember: Chakra balancing is a work in progress.

The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water. So, one way to re-balance this chakra is to be near or in water. Soak in the bathtub with Epsom salt, bubbles, fragrance, or all three. Take long showers with the intention of cleansing your sacral chakra. Go swimming, if you can, or maybe just dip your feet in the water. Walk along the beach. Visit lakes or ponds, or sit by a fountain.

Also, make sure to drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

Doing something creative is also a great way to re-balance your sacral chakra. This can include writing, drawing, dancing, trying out a new recipe, and taking photos. Consider doing arts and crafts, including coloring or even paint by the numbers. Whatever creative activity you engage in, don’t worry about whether or not you consider yourself to be talented. The point is to do it for the fun of it.

Eating orange foods can also help rebalance the sacral chakra. These foods include such as oranges, carrots, papaya, peaches, mangos, pumpkins and other winter squashes, and sweet potatoes.

Another thing to do is to incorporate orange into your day-to-day life. Wear orange items of clothing, or add orange items to your home décor such as a chair, a rug, curtains, or a blanket or an vase arrangement.

If you meditate, sit quietly for a few minutes and simply visualize the color orange. Also, meditating while holding crystals, carrying crystals in your pocket or purse as you go about your daily activities, and wearing crystal jewelry is also a great way to balance your chakras. the sacral chakra resonates with orange crystals such as orange calcite, orange citrine, carnelian, amber, and tiger’s eye.

Finally, each chakra vibrates to a specific frequency and resonates with different sounds. Therefore, one way to tap into the sound vibration of the sacral chakra is to listen to binaural beats made specifically for that chakra.

Update and Words of Good Intent: Oracle Card Reading

Hi, all. First, I want to let you know that on October 1, I will be getting back to doing the Daily Tarot Readings.

In the meantime, today I wanted to share with you this oracle card reading using the Amenti Oracle deck. Lately, there has been a lot of interesting and powerful energy swirling around us. Like me, you may have experienced this energy through events in your own personal life. In another example, we just have to look at the devastation in the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian for evidence of this energy’s intensity.

It may not seem like much, but a few words coming from a place of good intentions can go a long way in someone’s life. Watch the video for a few words of inspiration that I hope will help as you navigate life. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.