14 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I treated myself to a 3-card reading with Ms. Joyce for Christmas and it was so resonant – things I needed to remember and keep in mind, everything lined up with what’s happening in my life. She explains things so well and I would recommend her to anyone!


  2. This was more than excellent, the reading showed me just the vibe that corresponds to my hunches and Ms. Joyce was very wise and generous in her guidance, she is really an expert, she knows this art and I have been left with a pleasant impression of her talent and will request her service again. I highly recommend her work.

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  3. I have subscribed to Ms Joyce tarot for a very long time. I recently had a personal reading and it truly resonated with me. She was so detailed and just like was with me. The reading was exactly what is going on in my life. Totally amazing and please request a reading from Ms Joyce as you will love it! Ms Joyce has such a calming voice and you will feel the blessings. Thank you Ms Joyce. You are wonderful and I’m grateful!

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  4. I am subscribed to ms Joyce tarots YouTube channel for the daily cards. There are tons of folks who do daily card pulls, but something about Ms joyce’s loving energy, soothing demeanor, and interpretation help me start my day feeling calm, secure, and ready to traverse the day! She’s a ray of sunshine in my day!

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  5. Ms Joyce gave a very insightful reading. She was really alive to the energy of the reading — no small feat for a virtual reading — and held space for luminous details to emerge and the synchronicities to come through. It was just the message I needed to hear! As a professional reader myself, I can’t recommend her enough!

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  6. Wonderful beautiful soul with words full of compassion, intelligence, a very structured, well written and easy to follow reading in PDF form. The chakra reading that I have received is so practical too, I could began working with it right away. I am very grateful that Spirit brought you into my life and your daily wisdom sparks my day. Thank you, much Love!

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  7. Ms. Joyce gave me a reading that really resonated and even took the time to pull extra cards to gain an understanding of my situation. I highly recommend her!

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  8. Ms. Joyce is a wonderfully talented & genuine person!! I LOVE her daily YouTube videos and her readings are both well written and well spoken no matter which platform she is on!! She is amazing and I highly recommend her, she is an absolute gem.

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  9. I am a member of Miss Joyce’s Patreon, YT channel, as well as a mutual follower on Twitter. I highly recommend her on the strength and resonance of her daily tarot as well as personal oracle card done for myself. Her energy also speaks for itself. She is the least sketchy spiritual person I follow on Twitter. 🌺

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  10. I love this beautiful lady. She has read for me several times. I also enjoy her tweets. I find myself using her intuitive advice for the day because her information is always spot on.
    Ms Joyce is sensitive, caring, affordable, and very Psychic. She’s a twitter gem❤️❤️❤️

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  11. Ma Joyce is the best I look forward to all my readings and she is my go to on everything I recommend her to anyone and will pay for just her I get my reading and I believe everyone is correct as everything she has read came to pass thank you so much ms Joyce

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