Chakra Tarot Reading ($20.00)

Chakra Tarot Reading

Is the Universal energy flowing through your chakras properly? I will draw 7 cards, one for each of the main chakras to help you discover your strengths and/or areas to work on. I will email your Tarot reading, which includes a photo of the cards I drew for you, within 3-5 business days.


IMPORTANT: After you make your payment, email me at to give me your date of birth (at least the month and day; the year is optional) Also. give me any additional information you would like to share about your current situation.

I reserve the right to cancel a reading if I feel I can’t be of any help. If I cancel the reading, I will refund your money. Other than that, I will NOT refund readings.

I am bound by law to tell you that this reading is for entertainment only. It is not legally binding and does not in any way replace professional medical, financial, or legal advice.