Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 7-7 to 7-9-2017

The card we have for today, Saturday, and Sunday is the Knight of Wands. Interestingly, we started the week on Monday with the Page of Wands. That’s a lot of energy pushing events forward quickly.

Did you put your ideas into action this week? If so, your ideas have likely caught fire. Now it’s time to take your passion to the next level. This could especially relate to your job, career, or your own business. People are noticing you and your efforts. So keep the energy going. Follow your dreams to their best conclusions.

Furthermore, it should be a lively weekend. Maybe there will be some developments in the romance department. There could be some extra special sparks from your partner if you are in an established relationship; if you are single, you might meet someone exciting and new. In either case, you could get caught up in the heat of the moment.

Also, you may have a sudden flash of inspiration to do something out of the ordinary, to go someplace you’ve never been before. Be spontaneous. Go where your ideas lead you. You never know what positive effect they will have on your future.

Most importantly, though, have fun!

I’ll pull a new card on Monday. See you then. Love and peace.

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