Tarot Deck Reviews

Here is a list of the Tarot deck reviews that appear on this site. When I do my daily Tarot readings for the collective, these are the decks I use. I love each of these deck for different reasons. Yet I give each one an honest critique from my point of view, including some of the more technical aspects of Tarot divination. I will update as I add new decks to the rotation.

The Angel Tarot: Review
The Starman Tarot: Review
The After Tarot: Review
The Fountain Tarot: Review
The Deviant Moon Tarot: Review
The Illuminated Tarot: Review
The Wild Unknown Tarot: Review
The Frida Kahlo Tarot: Review
The Tarot del Toro: Review
The HooDoo Tarot: Review
The Steele Wizard Tarot: Review
The Somnia Tarot
The Antique Anatomy Tarot: Review
The Night Magick Tarot: Review
The Shadowscapes Tarot