The After Tarot: Review

The After Tarot (2016; by Pietro Alligo) is a clever deck that will make you do a double take. At a quick glance the images on the cards may seem identical to the original Rider-Waite deck. But a closer look reveals that  the the familiar scenes a have taken one step further.

After Tarot

The idea is that the After Tarot shows what happens a few moments after the events in the pictures. For example, the Fool card In the original Rider-Waite shows someone walking along and not particularly concerned about walking off the cliff. The After Tarot what would happen next in the scene: The Fool has walked off the edge of the cliff!! However, instead of falling to his death, the Fool is able to hold on and still not be afraid. In fact, he is calm and still enjoying the process, smelling the flower all the while.

This is a perfect illustration that brings the meaning of the card home of being open to new experiences and knowing that you will be okay. Other cards in the deck are also quite clever and overall this deck deepens the understanding of the Rider-Waite. Other good examples include the Seven of Swords and the Ten of Wands.

Of course, there are a few cards that require more of a stretch in logic or do not change the meaning much from the original. This is especially true with the Court cards.

But overall, this is a great deck that that I have found to be very good at getting to a clear and complete answer to any question.

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