The Tarot del Toro: Review

This beautiful deck, illustrated by Tomás Hijo, was inspired by movies of director Guillermo del Toro. It called to me because of the strange and beautiful images, as well as my connection to del Toro’s movie “Pan’s Labyrinth.” Check out the video for the full review.

4 thoughts on “The Tarot del Toro: Review

  1. I don’t know if it will help anyone with this deck but I personally have learned that for the Minors you can use the artwork on the back of the card to tell if the card is right side up or not. Mostly because some of my cards got filled by mistake while I was shuffling my deck.

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    1. That is helpful and a good point. I noticed that as well, but it would require an extra step of looking at the backs of the minors to see if it’s upright or not. I think that is somewhat cumbersome, which is why I didn’t mention it, But if someone doesn’t mind doing that, then that is definitely a workable option. Thanks for your comment! ⭐️


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