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Thoughts on Sagittarius Season and Beyond

As today is the start of Sagittarius season this year, I was cycling through my thoughts of what the archetype of that sign is. In my view, each zodiac sign in its highest expression has a lesson to teach us.

Sagittarius is the philosopher who gains wisdom through travel and experience. It then teaches others what they have learned.

Going beyond that, Sagittarius season morphs into that of Capricorn. Capricorn is the highest expression of ego. Ego, which seeks to show the world its best self, is not a bad thing, as ego is sometimes portrayed. Rather, it can be the vehicle for us to be leaders and to practice integrity.

After that is Aquarius, who at its height is a unique individual who respects the uniqueness of all individuals. Pisces is unity consciousness.

Words for the Weekend (Pre-Eclipse Season Edition)

Eclipse season starts on October 25 with the new moon in Scorpio. Here are messages from Spirit to help us prepare for this powerful energy. Check the readings for your sun, moon, and rising.

Deck used: The Frida Kahlo Tarot

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Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Now is the time to make those deep cuts

Let go of what doesn’t serve you so that you can enter eclipse season with a clean slate

Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Pay attention to what’s going on around you right now

Your awareness can help lessen—or even avoid—any challenges coming your way

Aries – Leo –Sagittarius

Allow your soft spots to show

Trust and be trusted, as vulnerability can help you connect with others during this sensitive time

Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Anxiety and insecurity may eat away at your confidence

Don’t act on these feelings

Hold steady, breathe, and let the moment pass

Words for the Weekend (October 8-9)

Here are messages from Spirit to help us through this weekend. Don’t forget that Sunday, October 9, the full moon in Aries is exact. Check the readings for your sun moon and rising. Enjoy!

Deck used: The Starman Tarot

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Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Can you feel it?

It’s the integration of emotions pouring down on you—a sense of well-being and knowing that you belong to the Universal family

Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

You can express your deepest emotions without fear

You understand what others are going through because you have been there yourself

Compassion is your superpower

Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

The veil is thin between the worlds of who you were and what you’re becoming

Don’t be discouraged, as others may need time to adjust to the new you

Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

It could be a love relationship or it could be any aspect of your current situation…

Either way, give it your all and don’t hold back

Life is sweetest when you can be your true self

Wednesday Words (October 5)

Happy Wednesday, all! Check the key word for your sun, moon, and rising.

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Aries – Cleverness
Taurus – Luxury
Gemini – Stability
Cancer – Boldness
Leo – Supported
Virgo – Resilient
Libra – Downtime
Scorpio – Eager
Sagittarius – Adventurous
Capricorn – Burnout
Aquarius – Determined
Pisces – Outspoken

Wednesday Words (September 28)

Wishing you an amazing Wednesday.

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Aries – Contemplation
Taurus – Confidence
Gemini – Compassion
Cancer – Clarity
Leo – Curious
Virgo – Courageous
Libra – Capable
Scorpio – Command
Sagittarius – Cultivate
Capricorn – Challenge
Aquarius – Careful
Pisces – Closed

Wednesday Words (September 21)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Have a great day.

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Aries – Empowered
Taurus – Motivated
Gemini – Imagination
Cancer – Generosity
Leo – Accomplishment
Virgo – Observing
Libra – Trusting
Scorpio – Alert
Sagittarius – Rebuild
Capricorn – Determination
Aquarius – Clarity
Pisces – Collaboration