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Patron Peek (#2)

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Daily Tarot Reading for April 19, 2021

Hi, all! The Tarot cards for today are the Six of Swords and the Queen of Cups. Once and for all, you may decide to move away from a situation that simply does not make you happy. This will require emotional honesty on your part. Get real about your emotions. It’s time to act accordingly to how you truly feel.

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Daily Tarot Reading for March 25, 2021

The Tarot cards for today are the Three of Swords (Heartache), Death (Angel of Transformation), and the Ten of Pentacles (Support). For some of us, difficult information may come our way. As a result, you may realize that something in your life has to change. Although this change may be hard to deal with in the moment, it could benefit you in the long run. Family and friends may be there to support you. Or perhaps you already have the resources you need to help make this transformation easier to navigate.

Tips are appreciated!

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Daily Tarot Reading for March 24, 2021

The Tarot cards for today are the Queen of Swords (Independence), the Emperor (Angel of Wisdom), and the Hierophant (Angel of Blessings). This is truly a day to step into your own authority. All the lessons you learned from past experiences have given you much wisdom. Therefore, feel confident in any decisions you make. Now is not the time to second guess yourself. And honestly speaking, you don’t need anyone else’s permission or approval. You got this!

Tips are appreciated!

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3-Card Tarot Reading On Sale thru March

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3-Card Video Recorded Tarot Reading **DISCOUNTED PRICE THRU MARCH 2021**

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I reserve the right to cancel a reading if I feel I can’t be of any help. If I cancel the reading, I will refund your money. Other than that, I will NOT refund readings.

I am bound by law to tell you that this reading is for entertainment only. It is not legally binding and does not in any way replace professional medical, financial, or legal advice.

Free 3-Card Tarot Reading

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