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Weekday Inspiration for 8-10-2017

The card for today is the Emperor. Are you a supervisor, team captain, parent, or anyone else who is in a leadership position? You should be completely confident in your authority today. Yesterday’s card had a similar message about  leadership but today’s card is the same concept on steroids. So while I warned against micromanaging yesterday, today I’m saying more intense supervision is in order. If there is any warning, it is to make sure that you treat others with respect. Also, while this energy encourages you to let your mind overrule your heart, the heart shouldn’t disappear.  Exert your will with love.

If you are not the one in authority, this card could also represent your boss, work colleague, or parent. You may find that this person is a little overbearing. But at the end of the day, what they are telling you to do is probably for your greatest good.

Anything that requires discipline may be easier to accomplish today. So if you need to concentrate, meditate, or study, today is ideal for those activities.

Weekday Inspiration for 8-3-2017

Today’s card is the Ten of Wands.  There has been a lot of activity lately and you have had a lot on your plate. You have been carrying a great deal of responsibility. You’ve have been so busy and so used to working hard that you don’t realize that the job is over. But guess what? You can relax now. Whatever you had set out to do, you’ve done it. Stop for a minute: Haven’t you done enough?

Maybe you still don’t believe it. You think there is a bit more to do, a few more finishing touches. Well, you can take a break first, then complete that last little bit. Or else, you can ask someone to help you. It’s okay. No one will think any less of you. you have already proven that you can do anything you set out to do.

Just be careful not to take on too much stress. Take care of yourself — body, mind, and spirit.

Weekday Inspiration for 7-27-2017

Today’s card is the Page of Wands. This is the day to tap into your youthful energy and take your creative projects at home or at work to the next level. You have big ideas but don’t become overwhelmed. Take it step by step and have confidence in your abilities. You may have many ideas in mind, so resist the urge to be restless. Reign in your energy and you will be pleased with the results.

You may be an inspiration to someone today with your bright outlook. Or someone may give you the encouragement that inspires you.  You may even get a welcome message today, especially with regard to romance.


Weekday Inspiration for 7-20-2017

Today’s card is the Nine of Cups. That means that the energy for today is one of emotional fulfillment. The Nine of Cups is also called the ‘wish fulfillment’ card, which says that something you have hoped for has come true or is coming soon, and as a result you are emotionally satisfied. There’s not too much more to say here, except  Hip Hip Hooray!

Whoa, wait. There is one more thing. Enjoy your good feelings today but do not take them for granted and do not think that you are entitled. Appreciate the gifts given to you; be thankful.

Okay. That’s it. Be blessed.

Weekday Inspiration for 7-13-2017

The card for today is the Three of Pentacles. Today is the day for you to shine, especially when it comes to your career. But it can relate to  anything you do that requires skill. People are likely to be impressed with your work and they will let you know. And while there is always room for improvement, it’s clear that you are good at what you do.

Often, the three of Pentacles points to an object you can see or touch. Maybe you have made something with your hands through knitting, writing, cooking, or drawing. Maybe your are sending your resume through the email or giving it to a possible employer at a face-to-face interview. Perhaps you are giving a PowerPoint presentation at work.

Whatever you are showing, it is impressive. Whatever you do, you do it well. And you are admired and appreciated.

The other possibility is that someone will mentor you or give advice to help you improve your skill. Or else, you will collaborate with someone on a project.

Keep doing what you’re good at. Keep practicing and learning. You are on your way to becoming a true master.

Weekday Inspiration for 7-6-2017

The Nine of Pentacles is today’s card. It speaks of peace, happiness, and well being that comes as a result of your hard work. You have shown that you can take care of yourself. Be proud of yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Yesterday’s message was about how standing in our truth opens the way for abundance. Well, today is the day to appreciate the abundance you have earned.

On my Twitter feed yesterday, I asked, “What is abundance?” Sure, abundance can relate to money but it can also relate to anything that you place value on:

  • Good health
  • Loving relationships
  • Your laptop or cell phone
  • The chair you’re sitting on right now
  • A single breath of air

All of these are examples of things that give you abundance.

So today, if you do nothing else, step outside for a few minutes, if you can, or open a window. Take in the atmosphere. Soak in your surroundings. Marvel at nature. Touch the ground, a leaf, or a blade of grass. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, hot, or cold, feel into it. Become one one with it.

It’s your world and these are your riches.