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Weekly Tarot Horoscope Video for January 9-15, 2022

Here’s a sneak peek at the Tarot horoscope video for this week as we settle into Jupiter in Pisces and approach the next Mercury retrograde. Each week, the Tarot horoscope videos feature my comments on the week’s astrology and 3-card readings for each zodiac sign. You can check for your sun, moon, and rising and cross watch for you loved ones.

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Daily Tarot Reading for May 17, 2021

Hi, all! The Tarot cards for today are the Hierophant and the Ace of Swords. This may be a day where your mind is active and ready for new ideas. You might be thinking about spiritual philosophies, in particular, but other subject matters, as well. Whatever the case, it’s likely that you will begin to view the world differently as a result of what you learn. Don’t be afraid to get rid of outdated beliefs in order to make room for new ideas.

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Tarot Horoscopes for April 4-10

The Tarot Horoscope video is up. These are extended reading for all the signs.

What did the cards have to say for you? Here’s a preview:

  • Aries – Your inner conversations
  • Taurus – Power moves
  • Gemini – Keeping it creative
  • Cancer – Don’t be too shy
  • Leo – Reframe your history
  • Virgo – It’s better than they say it is
  • Libra – The best approach for success this week
  • Scorpio -Sharing and caring
  • Sagittarius – Inner vision
  • Capricorn – Everyone on the same page
  • Aquarius – Finally able to think clearly
  • Pisces – You’re already there

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