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Full Moon In Leo—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Stable Diffusion Online. All right reserved.

The full moon in Leo is exact today at 1:27 pm EST and brings with it all the passion and drama typical of a fire sign. Even without the fire energy, full moons are known to be highly emotional periods of time that can get out of control if you’re not mindful.

Symbolically, full moon cycles can be about ending a chapter of a story and bringing closure to situations that don’t resonate with you any more. In addition, you may start to see the outcome of the work you have done in various areas of your life.

To understand how the full moon in Leo will affect you specifically, you will have to look at your natal chart. But generally speaking, think about the overall traits of the Leo energy. As a fixed sign, Leo is hardworking and focused on achieving a chosen goal. It is also fun loving, creative, and likes to do things with flair and style. According to the archetype, Leo wants to be seen and to stand out in a crowd. Leo wants all the credit due to them for their accomplishments.

One way to work with the full moon in Leo energy is to embrace your talents and skills. This is a time to think about changing or walking away from anything that prevents you from being in the spotlight.

Come out from the shadows. Put yourself out there to be recognized for the amazing person you are.

Words for the Weekend, Messages From Spirit, Full Moon in Leo Edition (February 4-5)

Blessings to you for the Full Moon in Leo on February 5. Here are your messages from Spirit for the weekend (all signs)!

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Water Signs
Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

A healthy ego is a thing of beauty

Embrace it

Be unapologetically you

Earth Signs
Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Let your inner child out to play


Sing a song

Have fun

Air Signs
Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Think back to your childhood dreams

You can make them a reality today

It’s never too late

Fire Signs
Aries – Leo –Sagittarius

Parents, children, grandchildren, pets


Get grounded in the quantum parts of you

Full Moon In Cancer—How To Work With The Energies

The full moon in January is often called the “Wolf Moon,” a name that has been attributed to the native North American Algonquin tribe.

Tonight’s full moon in Cancer is an exciting event, as it is the first full moon of this year. To get an idea of how to work with the energies of this full moon on a collective level, let’s look at some of the symbolism associated with the full moon and also the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Full moon cycles can represent endings or coming full circle with a situation. The full moon cycle is a good time to look at what you have been trying to accomplish and to see how far you’ve come. You may get an idea of what you have to do next in order to make even more progress. Full moon cycles are also great times to organize and de-clutter your physical living space. On a spiritual level, it’s a great time to let go of habits and thought processes that don’t serve your highest good.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is a water sign and is often thought to symbolize an emotional, “feminine” perspective and maternal instinct, which can translate to mean the nurturing of others. However, in it’s highest expression, Cancer is about emotional maturity and initiating action based on your heart’s desire. After all, the best way to take care of others is to be emotionally grounded yourself.

With this full moon in Cancer, get in touch with how you feel. Have you been honoring your own emotions recently—or ever? Make it a point to eliminate or adjust the things in your life that keep you from nurturing yourself. Take care of your own emotional needs. Loving yourself is not selfish. It’s healthy and of the utmost importance.

Words for the Weekend, Full Moon In Cancer Edition, All Zodiac Signs (January 7-8, 2023)

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! Here are your messages from Spirit for the weekend!

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Air Signs
Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

The material stability you have worked for is more than just a dream

The full moon energy can help you make it make sense

Fire Signs
Aries – Leo –Sagittarius

Your inspired ideas are taking shape

Mold them in your hands like clay

Let the full moon energy feed your creativity

Water Signs
Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Trust the process and go with the flow of this emotional full moon

Feel your way along

You can make hard decisions at a later date

Earth Signs
Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Commit fully to the relationships/situations that are aligned with your spirit

This full moon supports your efforts to be authentic

Wednesday Words – Full Moon in Gemini Edition (December 7)

Happy Full Moon, all! Here are today’s key words for each zodiac sign! Check for your sun, moon, and rising.

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Aries – Harmony
Taurus – Assertive
Gemini – Calm
Cancer – Confident
Leo – Balanced
Virgo – Efficient
Libra – Inspired
Scorpio – Motivated
Sagittarius –Whole
Capricorn – Focused
Aquarius – Quiet
Pisces – Exclusive

Full Moon in Taurus/Lunar Eclipse – Oracle Card Message

Wishing you peace and many blessings. Have a fantastic day.

Your intuition helps guide you through uncertain times. Exercise it like a muscle.

Learn to tell the difference between ego-talk and soul-talk.

“Your soul only wants what is best for you, and you must learn to trust it.”

(Image and words of wisdom from the Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards and guidebook by James Van Praagh.)

Full Moon/Mercury Retrograde – Messages From Spirit

Hi, Everyone! I’m wishing you all a fantastic journey through these cycles of the full moon in Pisces and the Mercury retrograde in Libra-Virgo. Check the messages for your sun, moon, and rising

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Do you consistently get your message across the way you intended? Rethink your communication strategy. Slow down and listen to yourself as you speak.


Come out from hiding in the shadows. Step forward and take control of your life. Think of yourself first. Other people will learn to adjust to your authenticity.


Don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal. Realign with your true purpose. Take your time and enjoy the process.


Take a close look at how you spend your energy. If you can see the benefits of your work, no matter how small the gains, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, it’s time to do things differently.


You have more goals you want to achieve. But for now, slow down and appreciate what you have in this present moment—including the people in your life who have your back.


You are stepping through a portal between dreaming and doing. Let your imagination run free without self judgment. There’s no rush. Act when the time is right.


Put your own needs first, and make your needs known to others. You will receive much more acceptance and understanding than you ever imagined.


You have done the work. Now, step back and look at the opportunities you created. Use them to your best advantage.


Be open to receive downloads from Spirit. Explore your emotional life. Discover something new about who you are. Express yourself creatively.


Make it happen from the inside out. Let the power of your emotions move you in the direction of your heart’s desire. Do it for yourself, not necessarily for others.


Be free with the way you express your emotions. Keep it positive and upbeat. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Look, listen, and empathize.


Channel your creative energy toward a specific goal. Dream big with the intention of turning your dreams into reality. Plan out your next steps and make sure they’re doable.