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New Moon in Taurus—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Dream by Wombo. All rights reserved.

We’re here at an exciting new moon in Taurus on May 19 at 11:53 a.m. eastern time! Then again, every new (and full) moon is exciting to me. My sun and moon are in Taurus, where the moon is exalted, and my rising sign is Cancer, which is ruled by the moon! All new moons are associated with new beginnings but this new moon in Taurus has so much going for it that it feels like it will bring a super duper fresh start!

It’s interesting to note that since we had two new moons in Aries this year, the order of the new and full moons on the zodiacal axis has changed. We had the full moon/eclipse in Scorpio a couple of weeks ago, so for the time being, the new moons, like this Taurus new moon, will be later in the astrological month instead of the other way around.

Also, even though the north node is still in Taurus, this Taurus new moon is not on the eclipse point. In July, the lunar nodes will shift out of Taurus/Scorpio and into the Aries/Libra axis.

In addition, there is a lot of astrological energy right now that is supportive of this new moon. For instance, Jupiter, the planet associated with expansion and good fortune, is newly in the sign of Taurus since May 16. The north node, which is still in Taurus, is associated spiritually with qualities that we should embrace at the moment (as opposed to the energies of the south node). And of course, at the time of the new moon, the sun, giver of light, will be in Taurus.

So how can we work with the energies of this new moon in Taurus cycle? The characteristics about Taurus that I would like to point out are the ones that are related to value and worth.

Among other things, Taurus is about the appreciation of the physical world— what we can see, taste, touch, smell, and hear. These things can bring pleasure, which the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus loves. Yes, the Taurus energy can be about indulging in food and drink, but it’s also about looking good, and enjoying other good things in life, like music and art. It can be about manifesting money and the pleasurable things that money can buy.

The shadow side of Taurus is that it can equate self-worth with material wealth and success in all its forms. But at its highest expression, the Taurus ideal is to find value in being your smart, funny, practical, and beautiful self

During this new moon cycle, manifest a healthy sense of self-worth, regardless of how much material wealth you possess. If you begin a new lucrative money making venture, by all means, go for it with all your might! But also make sure that it expresses who you are honestly and authentically—and that you feel good doing it.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Dream by Wombo. All rights reserved.

With the full moon/lunar eclipse on May 5, eclipse season (which started on April 19/20) will finally be over! Mercury is still retrograde in Taurus and Pluto is retrograde in Aquarius since May 1 and will eventually move back into Capricorn. Therefore, this is truly a great time to think about what the past couple of weeks have meant since the eclipse season began.

Although there will be a solar eclipse in Taurus in October, the lunar nodes will shift to the Aries/Libra axis in July. Think back to December 2021 when Taurus and Scorpio entered the north and south nodes, respectively. Think back to the partial solar eclipse in Taurus in November 2021. What themes were in play for you? There are cycles upon cycles upon cycles—endings making way for new chapters in life.

To work with the energies of this upcoming two-week full moon cycle, make changes to situations that you are no longer in alignment with. There also may be changes that happen that you were not planning for. In either case, try to get yourself to the point of acceptance rather than resistance.

This is not to say to just let changes happen without your input. Instead, consciously work with the changes so that you can achieve the best results possible.

The sign of Scorpio is associated with change and transformation. These themes fit in well with the full moon/eclipse energy, not to mention the themes of the Pluto retrograde. (In some schools of thought, Pluto is considered to be Scorpio’s ruling planet.) The Scorpio energy teaches us that although change is hard, beauty can come from it. Thus, it’s worth it to go through the process, like the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse In Aries—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Dream by Wombo. All rights reserved.

Finally, here we are at the new moon/solar eclipse in Aries—or at least we will be soon, as I’m posting this article before the big show begins! The journey of the moon eclipsing the sun starts at 9:36 p.m. Eastern time on April 19 and ends at 2:59 a.m. April 20. The new moon will be exact on April 20 at 12:12 a.m. To make things more exciting, the sun enters Taurus a few hours later at 4:14 a.m. and Mercury retrograde in Taurus starts the next day, April 21, at 8:35 am.

As I mentioned last month, this is the second new moon in Aries we had this year. The first was at 0 degrees of Aries on March 21 and this one is at 29 degrees. Solar eclipses are defined as a new moon that is within 17 degrees of a lunar node. In this case, the new moon will be very close to the north node, which is at 1 degree Taurus.

Astrologically speaking, solar eclipses are about new beginnings, just like any new moon—except on steroids! Eclipses are associated with dramatic life changes, but it really depends on your individual birth chart whether or not you will be affected. Not every eclipse brings dramatic changes for every single person, and by the same token, some eclipses trigger a global event where many people are affected. Keep in mind that there could be welcome changes coming your way. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

A topic of debate is whether to try to manifest new beginnings during a solar eclipse/new moon. If you want to make manifest something specific and you typically do rituals or meditations for that purpose, I suggest not doing it on the same day as the new moon/solar eclipse. The eclipse energy is strong enough by itself, the moon is still dark, and your efforts may not produce the results you are looking for. Instead, wait to do any manifestation rituals at least 24 hours after the new moon when the first sliver of light from the new moon appears in the sky.

However, this time around, Mercury retrograde starts right around the time that the new moon is visible in the sky. And Mercury retrograde in and of itself is not an ideal time to start new projects! I suggest not starting anything brand new during the retrograde period, but it will be a great time to take a closer look at what you are already working on. Improve and make changes as needed.

With all that is going on, having the sun, Mercury, and the north node in Taurus may have a stabilizing effect for the eclipse energies. Also, Gemini is now in Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, while Taurus is in Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. That is called a mutual reception, which can provide a stabilizing force for Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

All in all, in honor of the new moon cycle and in true Aries fashion, continue to assert yourself as a mover and shaker. In addition, now that Taurus season is upon us, know that you as a person are more valuable than any of your material possessions.

Full Moon In Libra—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Dream by Wombo. All rights reserved.

The full moon in Libra perfected early this morning at 12:34 a.m. Eastern time. One of the keywords for Libra is “balance,” and we sure need a healthy dose of balance after all the astrological activity we had in March!

But this is not the time to relax. April is going to be eventful in its own right. For instance, tomorrow (April 7) begins the pre-Mercury retrograde shadow. Mercury retrograde proper begins on April 21.

For now, as we look at the 2-week Libra full moon cycle, the general focus will be on taking stock of the recent past. What new projects did you put in place and how did they work for you? Maintain what you are already doing and reap the benefits of your hard work. Make changes accordingly to anything that is not working well for you.

Libra is a sign about relationships of all kinds, generally speaking. As an air sign, ideas, thoughts, and words play a vital part in Libra’s interactions. Librans are social, smart, diplomatic, and natural leaders. They try to make sure that everyone they deal with is accommodated and treated fairly. They strive for beauty and harmony, not confrontation. A trap that Librans can fall into is people-pleasing to the point where they don’t express their own authentic needs and become resentful as a result.

To work with the energies of the Libra full moon, take a look at how you relate to others, whether the relationships are personal or professional. Reconsider limiting beliefs that prevent you from speaking your truth for fear that others won’t like you. Giving people the chance to know the real you is the fairest thing you can do for yourself—and them—in the long run.

Full Moon In Virgo and Saturn In Pisces—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Stable Diffusion Online. All rights reserved.

Full moons usually pack an emotional punch, but this full moon in Virgo is especially potent. The Virgo full moon perfects on March 7 at 7:50 a.m. EST, and Saturn enters the sign of Pisces soon after on the same day, at 8:34 a.m. Saturn’s journey through Pisces will last until February 13, 2026, so this is quite the event, indeed!

Saturn is the planet that influences how we structure our lives. It encourages discipline, integrity, and responsibility. On the other hand, Pisces is all about intuition, dreams, imagination, and creativity. Discipline? Not so much.

But while the energies of Saturn and Pisces energies seem to be at odds with each other, the traits of both are valid and necessary in this world—and they can live together harmoniously. Saturn in Pisces can teach us to give our dreams structure through practical means. This is an opportunity to trust your intuition more than ever before. It is also a time to see beneath the surface in your own life and when it comes to world events—when secrets and shadows become visible and take shape.

Full moon cycles are about ending chapters in your life and preparing for what is to come. Virgo is the zodiac sign about practical matters, your daily routine, health habits, organizational skills, and paying attention to details. Interestingly enough, it is also about the ability to change habits according to what works best. Think of this Virgo full moon cycle as a preparation for the long Saturn transit.

During this Virgo full moon cycle, consider taking the time to declutter your living space—that is, get rid of things you don’t need, reorganize, and rearrange. The goal is to clear space to manifest your dreams. Get rid of ideas that keep you stagnant. Your ability to change with the times will be a great asset right now.

Virgo is also an intellectual sign. So don’t dismiss your ideas as being delusional and unrealistic. What steps can you take to make the undoable more doable?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Fantasies can become real with a little imagination and creativity. Use the current Virgo energy to come up with ideas that you can move forward with during the upcoming new moon cycle in two weeks.

New Moon In Pisces—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Stable Diffusion Online. All rights reserved.

With the sun entering the sign of Pisces—the last sign of the zodiac—yesterday, and the new moon in Pisces perfecting on February 20 at 2:06 a.m. EST, we are effectively saying goodbye to another astrological year.

New moon cycles are ideal for new beginnings. However, this new moon in Pisces can also be a great time to let go of beliefs that hold you back from being your best self. Such contradictions are part of the Pisces archetype.

As always, you will have to look at your natal chart to see how this Pisces new moon cycle may impact you on a personal level. But on a collective level, it is helpful to understand the overall traits of the Pisces energy as a guidepost.

Generally speaking, Pisceans are emotionally sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive. At its highest expression, Pisces is guided by an understanding that logical reality is not the only reality and that subjective reality is just as valid. That may not seem to be an admirable trait in a world where hard facts and tangible results are highly valued, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Yet, it is part of the human potential to see beyond what is in front of your face.

To work with the energy of this Pisces new moon, dare to be a dreamer. Trust your emotions as a valid source of information. Realize that the line between up and down, here and there, reality and fantasy doesn’t exist. It’s all part of one continuum. Empathy comes from the understanding that there is no real difference between you and the other.

Some say that the Piscean vibe can veer off into delusion. The truth is that there is no such thing as delusion. Only perspective.

Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn—How To Work With The Energies

This is a mosaic of images taken of Mercury taken from 125,000 miles away created by NASA

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn starts today (ends January 18, 2023). There are many ways to understand what that could mean in terms of the astrology. In addition to looking at your own natal chart, it’s helpful to take a simple approach by looking at the planet and the sign the retrograde is in.

Retrogrades happen when a planet appears to be moving backward in the sky from our viewpoint here on Earth. Retrogrades are periods of time to reflect on past situations. Events from the past that you though were over and done with may be brought to your attention in some shape or form. These could be recent events or something that happened a while ago.

Because we are now in a Mercury retrograde, look at the topics that are associated with Mercury. These topics include logic, the mind, communication, and the processing of information. It is also associated with travel and business dealings. That’s why when Mercury is retrograde (moving backward), there tends to be mix-ups in communication, problems with computerized devices that process information, and travel delays. These mix-ups and problems can be the result of past actions, such as poor planning, ignoring problems that need to be fixed, or being careless in your speech.

With this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, think about some of the best qualities associated with the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is about being a leader and an example to the world. It’s about ambition, having a good reputation, being successful, and holding themselves and others to a high standard of integrity.

During this retrograde period, look at your behavior, as well as the people and situations in your life. Pay attention to where integrity may be lacking. There may be ways for you to resolve problems from the past where there could have been more honesty.

Understand that as humans, we all make mistakes. But it is still important that you create boundaries. If people in your life are disrespecting you by not acting with integrity, then it’s time to rethink your relationships and how your deal with them. This includes personal relationships and business/job/career relationships

By the same token, think about whether you are living up to the same standard of integrity that you place on other people. Be honest with yourself, first and foremost. Then, think about whether you are showing the world your true self or if you are trying to make a good reputation for yourself based on a false identity.

Here’s the lesson for us all for this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: Say what you mean and mean what you say.