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Daily Tarot Reading for May 26, 2021

Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse! The cards for today are the Four of Goblets and the Ten of Blades. The eclipse energy may have you feeling tired, low on energy, and emotionally spent. That is to be expected, so don’t fight the feeling. Take a step back and process all that is going on. With full moons, especially at the eclipse points, there may be endings of any situation that doesn’t serve your highest good. That is not a bad thing. For now, practice self care until your next steps become clearer to you.

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Daily Tarot Reading for December 11, 2020

The Tarot card for today is the 8 of Hearts/the Moon. We are ending the full moon cycle and approaching the new moon/solar eclipse next week. This is a great time to sit with your emotions and continue to strengthen your intuition. It’s all too easy to take your emotions for granted. Our society, generally speaking, tends to not encourage people to do the inner spiritual work. Of course, logic and thinking are essential to getting us through the day. It’s just that feeling and experiencing are equally as important. Listen to what your heart is telling you with the same respect you would give to any one of your thoughts. Authenticity is about recognizing all aspects of your personal existence.

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Daily Tarot Reading for December 2, 2020

The Tarot card for today is the 9 of Spades. We have just gone through a lunar eclipse and often, eclipses bring up our deep-seated emotions. The 9 of Spades is suggesting that instead of overthinking your emotions, maybe it will be helpful to allow yourself to feel what you feel. When the time is right, logic is helpful. But for now, keep in mind that the heart has an intelligence of its own. Let your heart be your guide.

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Tarot Horoscope for All signs – July 5-July 11

What’s your Tarot horoscope after the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn? Two cards for each sign. Check for your sun, moon, and rising zodiac signs. All signs.

Virgo, channel your inner Neo from the Matrix…

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Tarot Horoscope for All signs – June 7-13

How will your week go following last week’s lunar eclipse in Sagittarius? Get your weekly Tarot card reading for your sun, moon, and rising zodiac signs.

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Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 7-27 to 7-29-2018

The Tarot card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is Death. The Death card is a symbol of transformation. This means letting go of old patterns, ways of thinking, and stagnant situations to make way for a brand new dawn. Today of course is the full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius that has been much talked about and anticipated. In astrology, the lunar eclipse is known to bring in the energy of change and transformation. The effects of the eclipse are far ranging, so you may have been seeing major shifts in your life for months now, and you may feel their effects for months to come. Keep in mind that these changes are advancing you to greater  heights and more happiness in your life. The goal is to embrace and accept change, and to realize how change can greatly benefit you.

Have an awesome day and spectacular weekend.

Daily Tarot Reading for 7-25-2018

Today’s tarot card is Strength. Things in your life may feel (or even be) a little unsettled right now, especially with the energy of Friday’s lunar eclipse swirling around. Even in the larger world around us, we have political controversies to try to understand and extreme heatwaves gripping several parts of the world, among other crazy things. With all of this going on, the Strength card is reminding us to hold steady. Calm your impulses of anger, fear, and aggression and try to understand where these feelings are coming from. Instead of reacting blindly, embrace your own humanity. You don’t have to conform to any ideal of “perfection.” You are beautiful as you are. If there are things you would like to change about yourself, you can do so with self love, self care, and compassion for self. And whatever circumstances you are in, you can deal with them mindfully in a way that benefits your greatest good.

Have an awesome day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 7-24-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Eight of Cups. Look at the full moon in this card from the Rider-Waite-Coleman Smith deck shown here. We are coming up on a full moon at the end of this week. With the Eight of Cups (and as is true of full moons in general), it is time to see where you have done all you can do, then to let go of what does not serve you any more. Sometimes we stay in situations out of habit even though they don’t give us the satisfaction they once did. During these times, you must determine if you are truly happy or if you are becoming stagnant. The full moon on the 27th is also a total lunar eclipse, which could mean that changes you need to make in your life could get an extra push from fate — unless you can make those changes yourself. Either way, when it is all said and done, these changes will be to your benefit.

Daily Tarot Reading for 7-23-2018

Hi, everyone! Today’s Tarot card is the Wheel of Fortune. This is a fitting card considering there is a lunar eclipse coming up on the 27th. Like the eclipse, the Wheel of Fortune represents a change that seems to be a twist of fate outside of your control. This card often represents a change for the better after having had some difficulty. But it could also signal a setback that will turn around for the better again in time. The lesson of this card is that there will always ups and downs in life. The key is to hang on for the ride and try to hold as steady as you can. When things are going your way, be thankful but not arrogant. And when life gives you a challenge, don’t give up the fight.

Have a great day.