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Daily Tarot Reading for November 27, 2020

The Tarot card for today is the 8 of Clubs. We had this card earlier this week and once again, it suggests that this is a time for preparation. We are coming up on the full moon/lunar eclipse on the 29th into the 30th. As with all full moons, this one gives us the opportunity to get rid of outdated situations and beliefs. Because this is an eclipse, which is a full moon on steroids, you can get rid of a lot! And you may have a lot of baggage to eliminate due to the extraordinary events of the past year. Be mindful of the eclipse times and dates according to where you are in the world and prepareĀ  a little ritual to increase the potential healing that can be gained. This is a full moon in Gemini, a sign that can embody all forms of communication. You may want to incorporate speaking or writing into your eclipse observations.

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