Daily Tarot Reading for 10-26-2017

The card for today is the Seven of Wands. You are the boss of everything making sure that all is going according to plan and that nobody is stepping on your turf. You are micromanaging so that people are doing what they are supposed to be doing at the exact time they should be doing it.

If you are in a leadership position and can see what needs to be done, then speak up with confidence. Do it in a way that is respectful and will motivate others in a positive way.

On the other hand, make sure you have a good attitude. You might be short tempered, snapping at people and hitting them in the head with sticks. You could take offense at remarks that were not intended to be offensive. Calm down the adrenaline and listen well before you speak.

Most important of all, make sure that you even need to put out that much energy. Is it possible that you can trust everyone to be responsible enough to do their part? Be alert but don’t go overboard.

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