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Zodiac Signs and the Complete Human Being

I’m playing around with my thoughts on the zodiac signs, as they are interpreted according to Western astrology. For each one of us, the 12 houses in our birthchart are each ruled by one of the 12 signs—which means that we are influenced by all of the energies of the zodiac!

With that being said, each zodiac sign represents different aspects of being a human that together creates a complete picture of someone’s personality.

There are a million ways to look at this! Although this is not a complete description of what each sign means, here are some of my thoughts for today. Think about whether these traits of the zodiac signs resonate with you and your astrological chart:

  • Aries wants to be seen and heard
  • Taurus finds ways to meet personal needs
  • Gemini observes the world outside of self
  • Cancer defines and refines emotions
  • Leo invents creative outlets
  • Virgo strives be the ideal human
  • Libra wants relationships to be neat and orderly
  • Scorpio searches for deeper meaning within
  • Sagittarius seeks broad knowledge from without
  • Capricorn wants to be a leader
  • Aquarius wants equality for all
  • Pisces wants freedom

What do you think? Comments are welcome

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Tarot Card Meditation: Five of Pentacles

When the Five of Coins appears, it can show that you feel unsupported by the people around you or simply that you feel insecure in some way. This could be in relation to your finances, but it also could be in any area of your life dealing with practical matters.

However, the lesson of this card is that perhaps you are overlooking something in your life that may be able to help you. Perhaps you need to redo your budget in order to see your way through your problems. It could be that you have people around you can ask for help, advice, or simply an ear to listen to. Perhaps you need professional help from a doctor, financial institution, or social service. The person on the card is ignoring the shelter he can get from the church next to him. Maybe you need to pray, meditate or consult with your spiritual guides.

Bottom line, when we feel off-kilter and alone, we can be proactive and do things for ourselves to get us in touch with the people and resources we need.

Have a beautiful day. (A version of this post originally appeared on my Patreon page on February 29, 2020.)

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Father’s Day Oracle Card Message

Happy Father’s Day to all biological fathers…
Also to anyone regardless of gender who:

  • is a caretaker and provides for someone
  • is a role-model
  • offers leadership and protection
  • makes hard decisions for the benefit of those who depend on them

Today’s Oracle Card message is the Gold and Silver Violet Flame Dragon from the Dragon Oracle

Offer service under grace.

Last Day of Mercury Retrograde (All Signs)

We’re almost there! Here some Tarot advice from the Deviant Moon Tarot to get you to the finish line. Check for your sun, moon, rising, and Mercury signs.


Wait one more day before openly expressing your true feelings


Get ready! Your confidence and leadership abilities are about to come through for you.


Soon the pressure will be off! After today, you will feel more connected than you have lately to yourself and the those around you


Take charge and get your plan together, because it’s about to be “go time!”


Continue to be smart about your finances. It’s about to pay off big time.


Keep your business to yourself. When it’s time to make your move, you don’t owe anyone any explanation.


You will soon find out whether a new (or renewed) romance will still remain after the retrograde is over


Situations are finally coming into better focus. You’re about to cut through the nonsense and move forward with clarity.


Everything has been shaken loose. Now you can to put things back in their proper place.


Now that you know what you want, prepare to lead with your heart and go full steam ahead


Don’t rush things in the aftermath of the retrograde energy. Plan carefully and take it step by step.


You’ve experienced emotional growth and healing. Spread the love—especially to yourself—-and feel the love that others have for you