The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is an energy center located at the top of the head. The crown chakra resonates with the colors violet and white. The body parts associated with the crown chakra include the head and the brain.

The crown chakra relates to enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, and our connection to Source, God, the Divine, and/or any word that you use to identify Unity Consciousness. Crown chakra qualities include intuitive knowing, faith, your value system, humanitarianism, meditation, spiritual development, selflessness, and universal higher consciousness.

With the other six chakras other than the crown chakra, sometimes there can be imbalances or they can be blocked altogether. However, the crown chakra can only be open or it can be closed.

When the crown chakra is open, you can tap into your inner wisdom and you feel connected with others, your Higher Self, and all that is.

Spiritual and emotional signs that the crown chakra is closed include lack of purpose, close mindedness, bigotry, apathy, and depression.

Physical signs that the crown chakra is closed include diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system, and the skin; chronic exhaustion; sensitivity to light and sound; bone cancer; and multiple sclerosis.

There can be many reasons for having a closed crown chakra. Having a blockage in any of the other chakras is a major reason because of the lack of energy flow. In particular, the heart chakra is possibly the most vital area that must be cleared in order to open the crown chakra. The heart chakra is bridge between the lower three chakras, which are related to our existence on Earth as humans and the top three chakras, which connect us to the spiritual world. It is the heart chakra that allow us to understand the concept of Universal love, and without that understanding, it is nearly impossible to tap into Universal Consciousness. Without this understanding, we see ourselves as isolated individuals who must compete for resources instead of seeing ourselves as abundant, connected beings who are different expressions of the same Source.

There are relatively easy ways to begin to begin to open your crown chakra. But first, understand that you must be aware of your emotional and physical reactions when you feel them in order for these methods to be effective. Be mindful and intentional about your chakra work. Also, make it a point to consistently practice these chakra opening exercises until you feel a change. Even though you will have to reconcile some core issues, once you start doing these simple practices, the deeper meaning of your crown chakra blockage will be revealed to you in a way that will make resolving these issues easier. Remember: Chakra balancing is a work in progress.

Unlike the other chakras, the crown chakra does not have any healing food specific to it. On the contrary, fasting is a way to open the crown chakra. Consult a health care professional and find safe ways to fast that are appropriate for you and in consideration of any health conditions you may have.

Another great way to open the crown chakra is to declutter your home. You’ll be surprised by how clearing your physical space also helps to clear you mind and spirit to allow newness to take its place. Think about the clothing, furniture, kitchen items, and other things that you own but haven’t even looked at or actually touched with your hands for years, maybe decades. Do you really need those things? Keep what you need and donate or discard the things you don’t really use.

With that being said, meditation is probably the most effective way to open the crown chakra. There are so many ways to meditate. Some include focusing on a single word or image. But I find that the main idea would be to declutter the mind and think of nothing, if that is possible. Another way to approach it to be absolutely silent and if thoughts come into your head, notice them, then let them slip away.

Another meditation option is to sit quietly for a few minutes and simply visualize the color violet. Or, you can imagine that a white light from above is coming in at the top of your head and slowly filling your entire body. Meditating while holding crystals, carrying crystals in your pocket or purse as you go about your daily activities, and wearing crystal jewelry are also great ways to balance your chakras. The crown chakra resonates with violet or white crystals such as Selenite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and it also resonates with other high vibration crystals such as apophyllite quartz and spirit quartz.

In addition, each chakra vibrates to a specific frequency and resonates with different sounds. Therefore, one way to tap into the sound vibration of the crown chakra is to listen to binaural beats made specifically for that chakra.

Last but not least, incorporate the color violet into your day-to-day life. Wear violet items of clothing, or add violet items to your home décor such as a furniture or curtains.

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