Zodiac Signs and the Complete Human Being

I’m playing around with my thoughts on the zodiac signs, as they are interpreted according to Western astrology. For each one of us, the 12 houses in our birthchart are each ruled by one of the 12 signs—which means that we are influenced by all of the energies of the zodiac!

With that being said, each zodiac sign represents different aspects of being a human that together creates a complete picture of someone’s personality.

There are a million ways to look at this! Although this is not a complete description of what each sign means, here are some of my thoughts for today. Think about whether these traits of the zodiac signs resonate with you and your astrological chart:

  • Aries wants to be seen and heard
  • Taurus finds ways to meet personal needs
  • Gemini observes the world outside of self
  • Cancer defines and refines emotions
  • Leo invents creative outlets
  • Virgo strives be the ideal human
  • Libra wants relationships to be neat and orderly
  • Scorpio searches for deeper meaning within
  • Sagittarius seeks broad knowledge from without
  • Capricorn wants to be a leader
  • Aquarius wants equality for all
  • Pisces wants freedom

What do you think? Comments are welcome

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