Words for the Weekend (November 5-6)

Here are your messages from Spirit for the weekend! Using the Antique Anatomy Tarot. Peace, love, and many blessings!

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Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Pay close attention to words spoken.

Are your words making the situation better or worse?

Are the words you hear from others worth listening to?

Seek peace, not conflict.

Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Leave the past in the past and focus on the here and now.

You may be tempted to get lost in a sea of memories or drown them out in unhealthy ways.

Journal, exercise, or meditate instead.

Aries -Leo -Sagittarius

Be inspired and think your ideas through completely before taking action.

With this combination of passion and logic, you will be unstoppable.

Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Choose one, but not all.

Better yet, get comfortable in the delicious feeling of anticipation.

Wait to see which one chooses you.

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