Mars in Cancer (March 25 to May 19)

Mars in Cancer reminds me of the Chariot card—using emotion as motivation to take action. This image is from the Steele Wizard Tarot.

Mars in Cancer is another important shift in energy this month where there were a lot of major transits.

Mars usually takes about 2 months to travel through a zodiac sign. But because of retrograde movement, Mars was in the sign of Gemini for 7 months!

Now that Mars is in Cancer, the focus moves from the mental to the emotional. While some may not agree, I think that Mars in Cancer is a great combination. Mars, the planet of action, is meeting up with Cancer, a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs initiate action. Cancer initiates action in the realm of emotion, generally speaking, and therefore it is a compatible match for the action-oriented Mars influence.

As with every transit, Mars in Cancer can teach us important lessons. Use this transit to find healthy ways to express how you feel as opposed to triggered reactions, such as blaming.

Also, the Mars in Cancer transit reminds me of the Chariot card in Tarot. The Chariot is about channeling your emotions so that you can achieve your goals, which is what Mars in Cancer is about, as well. Use your deep-seated emotions as motivation and fuel to take the actions that resonate with your heart.

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