Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 9-15 to 9-17-2017

The card for this  weekend (today, Saturday, and Sunday) is Justice. As you may guess, this shows that now is the time for you to be balanced and grounded. This stance will come in handy as interesting and possibly difficult situations come your way. The key is to treat others fairly — with compassion an understanding. But also make sure that you are being fair to yourself.

Also, you may start seeing the rewards of your past efforts to make positive changes in your life. You are getting what you deserve, in a good way. If things have been going against you lately due to no fault of your own, you should start to see a turnaround.

All in all, this is a feel good vibe because you are in a position to show your strength and wisdom. Plus, fate is now deciding in your favor.

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