How I Do My 3-Card Tarot Readings

My 3-card Tarot readings are a little different from the traditional spread. For many readers, the first card represents the past, the second card is for the present, and the third card is for the future. I used to do my readings this way but it never sat right with me. Over time, I realized that I did not resonate with this type of spread because I don’t see time as moving from point A to point B. Time is more fluid than that.

For example, when you think about things that happened in your “past,” if often doesn’t matter if it happened 20 years ago or last week. It can feel like it’s happening now. In fact, if you are thinking about the past, the moment doesn’t stay in the past. It’s here with you today.

So when a person asks a question for me as a Tarot reader and gives me the background story, all of the information paints the picture of what the situation is now. Does that make sense?

Also, I do not consider myself to be a fortune teller who can see the future. When I draw cards, I use my intuition to interpret the impressions I get from the question and the questioner, and to help me channel guidance from the Universe. So here is how I do my 3-card spread:

  1. The first card I pull is for the heart of the current situation, meaning “What is happening right now?” When you ask a question, that’s our starting point. The first card sheds light on the question and some of the deeper underlying issues.
  2. Once we discover what’s happening currently, the second card I pull shows a solution to the problem. Because that is what we really want to know: What can be done to solve the problem? The second card not only indicates what can be done literally and physically, but it also shows a way to approach the problem that can give you more peace of mind.
  3. The third card I pull shows the best possible outcome that can be gained based on the current energy. It’s not always what the questioner wants to hear but sometimes we have to accept that if things don’t go the way we want them to, there is still be a valuable lesson to be learned.

As always, view your reading as guidance based on your current energy and my current impressions of the cards. The Tarot is never the last word on what will happen. Nothing is written in stone. Every day, we as humans have the power to change our condition through our actions.

I’m updating this post on 6-23-2021. The 3-card reading is delivered to you as your own personal video recording and costs $18. If you would like more information about it or to check out the other types of readings I offer, visit my Etsy shop or visit the link to book a reading right here on this website.

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