Daily Tarot Reading for 5-31-2019

The Tarot card for today is the Queen of Pentacles (Comfort). Heading into the new moon on Monday, now would be a good time to put your house in order—on many levels. Start by looking at your budget, seeing where you can cut corners, and set goals for what to do with the money you save. Also, clean up around the house, rearrange the furniture, and maybe do a little bit of decorating. When all of that is done, make sure you get out and enjoy nature, if the weather permits. All of these practical things are also good for the soul.

As you will probably notice, I am moving away from calling the Friday card the “Extended Weekend Report” because I now pull cards 7 days a week. If you would like to see the cards I pull for Saturday and Sunday, take a look at my Patreon page and become a patron!


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