The Third Eye Chakra: How to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is an energy center located in the middle of the forehead above the eyebrows. The third eye chakra resonates with the color indigo. The body parts associated with the third eye chakra include the eyes, brain, pituitary and pineal glands, lymphatic and endocrine systems, and sinuses.

The third eye chakra relates to our spiritual awareness, psychic power, and intuition. It integrates the analytical left brain with the artistic right brain. The third eye chakra is associated with wisdom, discernment, insight, clarity, imagination, dreams, ideas, reasoning, perception, connection with the higher self, and telepathy.

When energy is flowing through the third eye chakra properly, you are self aware and spiritually aware, you trust your intuition, you have good insights, you can see the bigger picture, you are forward thinking, you have a good imagination, and you use both emotion and logic to make decisions.

Spiritual/emotional signs that there may be an imbalance of the third eye chakra include confusion, lack of judgment, passive aggressiveness, becoming lost in daydreaming to avoid reality, struggling to learn new things, frequent nightmares. procrastination, and finding it hard to be open minded.

Physical signs that there may be an imbalance of the third eye chakra include headaches or migraines, eye problems, lack of focus, forgetfulness, strokes, seizures, blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, sciatica, and sinus problems.

There are relatively easy ways to begin to re-balance your third eye chakra. But first, understand that you must be aware of your emotional and physical reactions when you feel them in order for these methods to be effective. Be mindful and intentional about your chakra work. Also, make it a point to consistently practice those chakra balancing exercises until you feel a change. Even though you will have to reconcile the core issues that contributed to the imbalance, once you start doing these simple practices, the deeper meaning of your third eye blockage will be revealed to you in a way that will make resolving these issues easier. Remember: Chakra balancing is a work in progress.

One way to open the third eye chakra is to practice being in the moment. As you go about your activities during the day, pay attention to everything you do and say, as well as how your environment affects you. No detail is too small to notice. How does it feel sitting or standing where you are? Is the surface hard or soft? Are you comfortable and why or why not? Notice how you are breathing. What is the temperature? What noises do you hear?

It may also help to keep a daily journal. In addition to writing about your day, also consider writing about how you feel emotionally, such as what makes you fearful and why. Explore any beliefs about yourself that are self limiting, like feeling that you are not worthy or good enough or that you can’t trust your own decisions.

Keeping a dream journal can also help to rebalance the third eye chakra. Have a journal near you as you are sleeping. As soon as you wake up from a dream, even if it is in the middle of the night, grab you dream journal immediately, as the details will become fuzzier as time goes by. Write down the events, and most importantly, how you feel about the events in the dream, whether you are happy, sad, excited, fearful, or some other emotion. Dreams are made of symbols from your subconscious mind and analyzing your dreams can give you clues as to your deepest emotions, desires, and needs.

If you meditate, sit quietly for a few minutes and simply visualize the color indigo. Indigo can be described as a deep violet blue. Also, meditating while holding crystals, carrying crystals in your pocket or purse as you go about your daily activities, and wearing crystal jewelry are also great ways to balance your chakras. The third eye chakra resonates with crystals such as purple fluorite shungite, sapphire, lapis lazuli, kyanite, labradorite, amethyst, and sodalite,

A variety of foods are known to help rebalance the third eye chakra. One such food is dark chocolate. Purple foods also are beneficial. These foods include plums, eggplant, purple cabbage, red grapes, blueberries, and blackberries. Also, food that are rich in omega-3 are good for rebalancing the third eye chakra. These foods include salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, and chia seeds.

Another thing to do is to incorporate the color indigo into your day-to-day life. Wear indigo items of clothing, or add blue items to your home décor such as a furniture or curtains.

Finally, each chakra vibrates to a specific frequency and resonates with different sounds. Therefore, one way to tap into the sound vibration of the third eye chakra is to listen to binaural beats made specifically for that chakra.

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