Wednesday Words – Message From Spirit (May 17)

Here are today’s messages from Spirit for each zodiac sign! Check for your sun, moon, and rising.

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Aries – Answers finally bring you peace
Taurus – Open your mind to new possibilities
Gemini – Run with your imagination
Cancer – Lead the way with confidence
Leo – What you seek is looking for you
Virgo – This is your story to write
Libra – Recognize your own beauty and wisdom
Scorpio – Change your life on your own terms
Sagittarius – The truth is becoming clearer
Capricorn – You are a hero
Aquarius – It’s so close you can taste it
Pisces – The world is waiting for you

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Words – Message From Spirit (May 17)

  1. Hello Ms. Joyce,

    I am truly enjoying your newsletters and I wanted to give a tip. But I don’t use a credit card online, only PayPal. If you were to give me an address, I would gladly show you my appreciation.

    Sincerely, Melinda Wegner


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