New Moon in Taurus—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Dream by Wombo. All rights reserved.

We’re here at an exciting new moon in Taurus on May 19 at 11:53 a.m. eastern time! Then again, every new (and full) moon is exciting to me. My sun and moon are in Taurus, where the moon is exalted, and my rising sign is Cancer, which is ruled by the moon! All new moons are associated with new beginnings but this new moon in Taurus has so much going for it that it feels like it will bring a super duper fresh start!

It’s interesting to note that since we had two new moons in Aries this year, the order of the new and full moons on the zodiacal axis has changed. We had the full moon/eclipse in Scorpio a couple of weeks ago, so for the time being, the new moons, like this Taurus new moon, will be later in the astrological month instead of the other way around.

Also, even though the north node is still in Taurus, this Taurus new moon is not on the eclipse point. In July, the lunar nodes will shift out of Taurus/Scorpio and into the Aries/Libra axis.

In addition, there is a lot of astrological energy right now that is supportive of this new moon. For instance, Jupiter, the planet associated with expansion and good fortune, is newly in the sign of Taurus since May 16. The north node, which is still in Taurus, is associated spiritually with qualities that we should embrace at the moment (as opposed to the energies of the south node). And of course, at the time of the new moon, the sun, giver of light, will be in Taurus.

So how can we work with the energies of this new moon in Taurus cycle? The characteristics about Taurus that I would like to point out are the ones that are related to value and worth.

Among other things, Taurus is about the appreciation of the physical world— what we can see, taste, touch, smell, and hear. These things can bring pleasure, which the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus loves. Yes, the Taurus energy can be about indulging in food and drink, but it’s also about looking good, and enjoying other good things in life, like music and art. It can be about manifesting money and the pleasurable things that money can buy.

The shadow side of Taurus is that it can equate self-worth with material wealth and success in all its forms. But at its highest expression, the Taurus ideal is to find value in being your smart, funny, practical, and beautiful self

During this new moon cycle, manifest a healthy sense of self-worth, regardless of how much material wealth you possess. If you begin a new lucrative money making venture, by all means, go for it with all your might! But also make sure that it expresses who you are honestly and authentically—and that you feel good doing it.

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