Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio—How To Work With The Energies

Created by Adriene Joyce (Ms. Joyce Tarot) with Dream by Wombo. All rights reserved.

With the full moon/lunar eclipse on May 5, eclipse season (which started on April 19/20) will finally be over! Mercury is still retrograde in Taurus and Pluto is retrograde in Aquarius since May 1 and will eventually move back into Capricorn. Therefore, this is truly a great time to think about what the past couple of weeks have meant since the eclipse season began.

Although there will be a solar eclipse in Taurus in October, the lunar nodes will shift to the Aries/Libra axis in July. Think back to December 2021 when Taurus and Scorpio entered the north and south nodes, respectively. Think back to the partial solar eclipse in Taurus in November 2021. What themes were in play for you? There are cycles upon cycles upon cycles—endings making way for new chapters in life.

To work with the energies of this upcoming two-week full moon cycle, make changes to situations that you are no longer in alignment with. There also may be changes that happen that you were not planning for. In either case, try to get yourself to the point of acceptance rather than resistance.

This is not to say to just let changes happen without your input. Instead, consciously work with the changes so that you can achieve the best results possible.

The sign of Scorpio is associated with change and transformation. These themes fit in well with the full moon/eclipse energy, not to mention the themes of the Pluto retrograde. (In some schools of thought, Pluto is considered to be Scorpio’s ruling planet.) The Scorpio energy teaches us that although change is hard, beauty can come from it. Thus, it’s worth it to go through the process, like the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

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