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Daily Tarot Reading for 10-3-2018

The Tarot cards of the day are the Chariot and the Knight of Wands. These cards show that this is a good time to move forward with any plans, projects, and ideas related to career, creativity, and romance. The path is wide open, yet you may have doubts, challenges, or even chaos going on in your life that make you think you should stand still. Know that these challenges could be a product of your fear. Fear is real, but it is not as powerful as we allow it to be. Fear can be overcome.

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 6-21-2018

Happy Solstice!

The Tarot card of the day is the Three of Wands. If you have been trying to take charge of your life, you are starting to see your efforts pay off. This is more than just good luck. This is a result of your energy and dedication, whether it is in career, relationships, or spirituality. You have found that the key to success is when you take ownership of your destiny and when you take responsibility for your own happiness. Results don’t happen overnight, but that’s okay. When the results start to occur, it is very sweet.

Have a  wonderful day.

New Email Tarot Readings

Hi, Everyone! I just wanted to let your know that I  added 3 new types of email Tarot reading to my offerings!

“Should I Take a Risk” ($17.00)
Are you thinking about trying something different? How can you make the most of a risky situation? This reading focuses on the energy of the Fool card, which is all about taking a leap of faith and landing safely on your feet. Tell me about the risk or new direction you are thinking about taking I will draw 5 cards to help determine possible risks, gains, and outcome.

Month Ahead ($30.00)
Do you want to know what’s in store for you during the next 4 weeks? Tell me what area of your life you would like the reading to focus on (relationships, career, or other topic). I will draw 11 cards — 2 for each of the 4 weeks, and one card each for the theme of the month, possible challenges, and possible outcome.

3-Month ($50.00)
How can you best handle the energies of the next 3 months? Tell me what area of your life you would like the reading to focus on (relationships, career, or other topic). I will draw 15 cards, 5 for each of the next 3 months, with a new shuffle of the cards for each month.

Visit Ms. Joyce Tarot on Etsy for all the details. If you decide to book a reading, use the code BLOGREADER at checkout for 15% off. The code is good for all of the readings, not just the new ones. The sale ends on December 15.