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All Signs – Weekly Tarot Reading: December 6-12

We are getting deeper into the eclipse energy. This is a great time to continue getting rid of ideas, beliefs, and situations that are doing you no good.

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Aries – Time to restructure

Taurus – A new start

Gemini – Make it like it was

Cancer – Emotional support

Leo – The question is, “Why?”

Virgo – Keeping it in perspective

Libra – Earning and deserving

Scorpio – Move toward your passion

Sagittarius – Self empowerment

Capricorn – Check your emotions

Aquarius – Challenges in love

Pisces – You’re almost ready …

Daily Tarot Reading for December 4, 2020

The Tarot card for today is the 6 of Diamonds. We all need a little help from our friends sometimes, and sometimes we accept help from wherever we can find it! This past week may have been intense or stressful, especially after Monday’s lunar eclipse. So be kind to all. Give people a pat on the back for just being here on Earth during this extraordinary time in history. Tell others how amazing they are. As for your positive feedback, know that people show their appreciation in many different ways. Enjoy whatever feels good to you. If you are wanting to hear the words, listen: I’m proud of you and love you for who you are.

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All Signs – Weekly Tarot Reading: November 29-December 5

We will experience the full moon/lunar eclipse in Gemini this week. How can you best prepare? Listen to the intro for some ideas. Then, check the Tarot readings for your sun, moon, and rising to see what type of situation will be your focus for the week. All signs.

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Aries – Who is the real winner?
Taurus – Getting what you deserve
Gemini – Finding your safe place
Cancer – Winning friends and influencing people
Leo – Pleasant choices
Virgo – Certain relationship changes are needed to prosper
Libra – You have nothing to lose
Scorpio – Somebody to love
Sagittarius – Get the recognition you crave
Capricorn – A healing message
Aquarius – Shine brightly with confidence
Pisces – A life well lived

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