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Are You Looking For The Daily Tarot Reading? We Moved!

Hi, everybody! In case you missed the announcement, the Daily Tarot Readings are available only on my Patreon page. The good news is that you can view them when you join the All Access tier for only $5 a month. Here’s what $5 will get you:

  • Daily Tarot readings for the collective (7 days a week)
  • Tarot Horoscope videos geared toward each zodiac sign (weekly)
  • Other exclusive content

You can also choose to join a higher tier to receive a personal Tarot or Oracle card reading every single month.

Visit my page to take a look and get more details. Your support helps more than you know. I’m dedicated to providing quality content every day.

Mine and Yours – Daily Tarot Energy Reading for Sunday, February 13, 2022

Some people are wise beyond their years but at a certain point, time catches up with them. Life has to be experienced before you can even begin to reach your maximum potential of wisdom.… (Subscribe to read the entire post)

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