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The Fountain Tarot: Review

The Fountain Tarot is a lovely 79-card deck published by Roost Books in 2017. The artist is Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl is the writer, and Andi Todaro is the designer.

The cards fit nicely in my hands, just a little larger than a standard deck of playing cards. The edges of the cards are gilded and the cards shuffle nicely, which is also a plus for me.

The deck is based on the Rider-Waite system, with the Fountain card being the extra one. The Fountain is not numbered but instead has an infinity symbol, which places it in a realm of its own in relationship to the other cards in the deck. According to the guidebook, the Fountain card brings a modern concept to the deck, representing the unlimited knowledge we gain from technology and at the same time a deeper awareness that we are all connected to the same spiritual Source. I think this card is a brilliant addition that attempts to tie the traditional concept of the Tarot to today’s evolved consciousness.

The guidebook is small (half the size of the cards) and just a little more than 100 pages. The explanations of the cards are brief but thorough. I think the guidebook gives just enough information to help someone interpret the images but not so much that a reader is bogged down. There is enough breathing room to add your own intuition and imagination.

The artwork is great. Overall the pictures have a dreamlike quality. There is a lot of light, with some of the images, like on the Justice card, almost looking washed out and vague because of the brightness. One outstanding exception is the Death card, which is dark and at first you don’t really know what you are looking at before you make out the image of a ghostly-looking horse…

All in all, this is a  pleasant deck to work with. These cards remind me of air and light. I feel a sense of openness and freedom as I use them to connect with Spirit.