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Daily Tarot Reading for 10-17-2017

Today’s card is Temperance. We are continuing the theme of balance we started with yesterday’s card. The difference is that balance flowed easily yesterday. Today you will have to pay close attention to achieve balance while working with people, as well as in other areas of your life.

For instance:

  • Look at your own behavior and habits and do everything in moderation.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one task and not enough time on something that is equally as important.
  • Pay as much attention to what goes on in your home as you do to what goes on at your job.
  • Play as hard as you work.

These are just some examples, but apply the principle to relevant situations in your life.


Daily Tarot Reading for 10-10-2017

Today’s card is Temperance. This card is all about balance. Remember the toy in the playground called the seesaw or teeter totter? I sometimes think of the Temperance card as trying to keep the board completely balanced in the middle with no one side lower than the other.

In real life terms, this means take a good look at your relationships and other life circumstances. Make sure that there is an equal give and take between you.

Are you getting as much out of these situations as you are giving? Are you putting out the energy needed to be successful? Are you balanced within yourself, giving every aspect of yourself the proper attention it needs?

These are the key questions today. The answers may very well lead to a new level of enlightenment and happiness.

Daily Tarot Reading for 10-3-2017

Today’s card is the Lovers. Appreciate the people in your life. You are put on this earth together with them for a reason.

Think about the laws of science — the stars, the planets, gravity. Nothing in that system is random. I believe that just like the stars and planets held in place by gravity, people are stars and plants orbiting around each other right here on earth.

Love the people in your orbit. Family, friends, coworkers, romantic partners, parents, children, the grocery clerk, strangers — love them to the highest level of that type of relationship.

People come and go and live and die over the natural course of life. Sometimes people are taken away from us through unexpected tragedy. We never know how long we have. We only know that we have now.

So live and love every second of the now moment to the fullest. Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 9-26-2017

Today’s card is the Five of Cups. This is a time where your emotions are very intense. If things aren’t going according to plan or if there is a disappointment, it may feel as if all is lost. In times like these, you may forget that you have more support from others and your own personal strength than you think.

For instance, if you have had an argument with someone you care about, know that it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship Or, if a relationship truly is over, it’s because there are better things waiting for you. Apply this principle to your particular situation.

So mourn for a little bit, then realize that you have strong emotional backup either in family or friends or in yourself. Once you pick you head up, you will see that there is a clear path to happiness and fulfillment. You have the choice to walk that path or to continue to wallow in uncomfortable emotions.

Daily Tarot Reading for 9-19-2017

Today’s card is the Ace of Wands. Following the messages from the past few days, particularly yesterday’s Ace, it seems that you are on a roll. So continue to put your plans into motion. You have recently gained a new sense of clarity and can see what must be done. Now is the perfect time to put your heart and soul into starting something new. The way is clear and your inner light is shining brightly. You are unstoppable today.

Also, be sure to tap into the energy of today’s new moon. The new moon energy will help you to manifest your new beginnings.

Daily Tarot Reading for 9-12-2017

Today’s card is the Page of Swords. You have a lot of mental energy today, with your mind going a mile a minute. You’re may have some great ideas and you are likely to talk a lot about them — as a matter of fact, you’re likely to talk a lot about everything.

But do you see the birds in the air on the card? There is a danger that you will ruffle some feathers. Be careful because you may blurt out whatever is on your mind without really thinking about how your message is being heard by others. You may have a disconnect in how you deal with other people’s emotions.

So don’t forget to tap into your sensitive side. Don’t ignore the spiritual in favor of the intellectual.


Daily Tarot Reading for 9-5-2017

Today’s card is the Eight of Cups. It’s not that things are so bad, it’s just that you’ve outgrown a situation. As a result, you are making the conscious choice to move on.

Yesterday, I talked about letting go of excess baggage and this card is a variation on that theme. In this case it’s a matter of “all good things must come to an end.” The point is, you are ready to break out of your comfort zone. Even when things are going well, sometimes enough is enough. Your heart is telling you that need to move on to grow.

Daily Tarot Reading for 8-29-2017

The card for today is the Five of Pentacles. You may feel discouraged. You believe that you have little to no resources. This could mean that money is tight right now but it does not have to be about money. You could feel as if  no one has your back or that you are lacking the inspiration to see a way out of your situation. You feel alone with nowhere to turn.

But are you really alone? Maybe you have friends or family members in a similar situation as you. These people can be resources for you, even if just as someone to talk to and who understands.

Also, don’t forget that you can ask for help directly from people you know or institutions such as social services, heath care professionals, and religious clergy. Don’t isolate yourself. Pick your head up and look around for a way out you may have missed.

Most of all, realize that this, too, shall pass. All of us have areas where we think we are lacking and that  we all go through rough patches. You are not alone.

Daily Tarot Reading for 8-22-2017

The card for today is the Ace of Swords, which is a perfect card for the day after the new moon/solar eclipse. New ideas ae now beginning their journey toward becoming reality.

You are very clear about what you want to do: You have thought it over carefully and there is no doubt in your mind how to proceed. However, some people may not be happy with the direction you are going in. Your idea could involve cutting off a relationship and starting anew. Or it could be you deciding to change your behavior and give someone tough love. You know that it’s the right thing to do, but you may be afraid to go through with it.

Remember that any difficulty with this endeavor is a result of letting negative thoughts overtake you. So even if your new project is unpopular or risky, it is the right thing to do as long as it is in your best interest. Go for it.

Daily Tarot Reading for 8-15-2017

The card for today is the Knight of Pentacles. Slow and steady is the key for today, especially as it relates to practical matters. Be moderate in your spending and if you have to make any decisions, take the sensible approach. Don’t go out on a limb.

You might get some good news today regarding money, such as getting a raise, an approval for a loan, or an increase in your credit card limit. You could do well today on a job interview, especially if your prospective employer is a solid, conservative company.

Minimize stress by taking it one step at a time. Today we’re running a marathon, not sprints.