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Daily Tarot Reading for 2-15-2018 (Solar Eclipse)

The Tarot card of the day is the Page of Pentacles. As many of you know, today we are having a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. Astrologically speaking, this may bring about changes in your life. You may have been feeling a bit unsettled for the past couple of weeks leading up to this eclipse. Today’s Page of Pentacles is telling us to hang in there, even if you are feeling ungrounded. Keep your focus on your goals and all you have to do to achieve your goals. Whatever occurs as a result of the eclipse will be for your betterment. So hold on and keep hope alive!

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Daily Tarot Reading for 2-14-2018 (Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday)

Hi! The Tarot card for the day is the Emperor. Some of us are recognizing today as Valentine’s Day. So it seems a little odd that the Emperor card would appear in my draw today. The Emperor card leans more toward logic than the heart. It represents authority and so-called “masculine” energy. But today is also Ash Wednesday, which starts off Lent for those of the Christian faith. So in that aspect, the idea of tradition and following rules is in keeping with the Emperor card.

For my part, I believe that showing love is something we should do every day, with no special holiday needed! And I bet there are other “Scrooges” out there who do not embrace the whole Valentine’s Day meme for a variety of reasons.

So with all that being said, I think the energy of the Emperor card is encouraging us to embrace the institutions of Valentine’s Day (to celebrate love) and Ash Wednesday (to feel like you are a part of the Universal Consciousness).

Traditionally, women receive most of the Valentine’s Day gifts and attention. But make sure to acknowledge your male significant others — not just lovers but also fathers, brothers, uncles, and friends. And for women like me who take the hard line about Valentine’s Day, show us some love, too. We may talk tough, but I doubt that any of us would turn down love.

Have a “lovely” day.


Daily Tarot Reading for 2-7-2018

Hi, all. Today’s Tarot card is the Queen of Cups. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a lot of court cards (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings). In a regular reading, these court cards sometimes represent someone in our lives. But often, and especially for my Daily Tarot Readings, I think the court cards represent an aspect of ourselves.

I strongly feel that today’s Queen of Cups is a symbol of the love and nurturing we all need in our lives. In addition, she shows that each one of us can be a source of love to each other. Taking it even further, this card reminds us to treat ourselves with the kindness and love we willingly give to others. Sometimes, it is easier to expect love from or show love to others than it is to love ourselves. So let this be a day of balance. Let’s love ourselves and others the best way we can.

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Daily Tarot Reading for 1-31-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Queen of Swords. Logic, clarity of thought, and effective communication are in store today. You are likely to be super balanced emotionally if not unemotional. You will be able to make fair, good decisions and do some long-term planning.  Keep in mind that the wisdom you are tapping into has a history of trial and error and learning from your mistakes.

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Daily Tarot Reading for 1-24-2018

The card for today is the High Priestess. You may find that pure logic and thought only confuse you more than ever today. So this is definitely a day to listen to your intuition — which might be easier said than done. How exactly do you tap into your intuition? Well, when you’re thinking too much, there are a lot of words going through your mind. On the other hand, your intuition is much quieter and comes to you as a simple knowing or maybe an emotion.

Paying attention to your body also can help  For instance, if  you have a choice to make, your body will not feel at ease when you think of something that is not the right decision for you. Your body will feel comfortable when you think about the right choice, even if that choice doesn’t seem to make logical sense.

Do you have another suggestion about how to recognize your intuition? Leave a a comment!

Daily Tarot Reading for 1-11-2018

The Tarot card for today is the Ace of Wands. You are on fire with a new idea. Use that energy to set yourself up for success. I’m not a numerologist, but I can’t help but notice that today’s date is full of 1’s (the 1st month, the 11th day, and the numbers in the year 2018 add up to 11)! So whether it’s a new job, a new project, a new business, a new spiritual practice,  or a new diet, you are likely to have great success with it.

Daily Tarot Reading for 1-10-2018

Today’s Tarot card is Strength. The beginning of the new year usually brings with it a lot of energy. This year in particular has had some heavy astrological influences that has affected us collectively.

So it may be that you have had to a struggle within yourself to fight off your demons. Those demons could come in the form of self doubt, guilt, worry, and the like. You also may have had a few outer demons in the form of pressure from work or conflicts in relationships.

Simply put, the Strength card is a reminder to hang in there because you truly have what it takes to overcome these challenging feelings. The key is not to beat yourself up but rather to treat yourself with compassion. Those demons are not really demons but a natural part of being human. Let go of your need for perfection and accept yourself as you are, which is more than good enough.

Daily Tarot Reading for 1-3-2018

Hi, all. Today’s card is the Six of Swords. This card can be about physically moving from one residence to another. It can also mean mentally changing perspective. In both cases, the move is from a place of difficulty to a better situation.

Sometimes the hardest part of moving on is the mental aspect of it. It can be like having post-traumatic stress, which is when you had a bad experience in the past and it is hard to get it out of your mind. You get triggered when someone talks about a similar situation or if a sound or smell reminds you of it.

The goal is to realize that everything is okay. The difficult times are truly behind you. it’s time to start a new adventure.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-27-2017

For the second day in a row, the card is the Eight of Cups. As I mentioned yesterday, this card indicates that it is time to walk away from any situation that does not serve your highest good. Sometimes the hardest part is not walking away, but the guilt about those who are left behind.  At first, everyone involved may feel the pain of your decision to change. Although it may be hard to believe or accept, if the decision is for your highest good, all parties will grow from it in the end. Really.

Daily Tarot Reading for 12-20-2017

The card for today is the Page of Pentacles. The message:  Don’t be reckless when it comes to financial investments. Stay focused, keep up the hard work, and build your assets in a methodical manner. This energy may apply to those of you who are in the beginning stages of establishing your own business or if you have started a new job where your salary has increased. It could apply to anyone who has  seen a gain in finances in any shape or form. Think hard before you spend. Make your money work for you. Then, watch it grow!