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Weekday Inspiration for 8-16-2017

The card for today is the Tower. A major shakeup is in the making, if you’re not feeling it already. Something in your life is changing quickly and drastically. Lightening has struck the tower you thought could not be destroyed, but now it is falling apart around you. It can no longer contain you. For some of you, the thought of change is frightening. But quite often, change is necessary and good, as it probably is in this case. So don’t meet this change with fear and anxiety. Go with it. When all is said and done,  your life will be changed for the better.

Change  happens in the natural course of life. As much as we try to prevent it, we can’t. So the choice is ours: Either it can roll over us like a big boulder racing downhill or it can help us move along the path we are intended to go. Try to look on the bright side and yes, there is a bright side. The crumbling tower was actually your prison and now you are set free.

Weekday Inspiration for 8-9-2017

Today’s card is the King of Wands. Your creative energy  is at its peak. In the career arena, you are at the top of your game, plus you have the charisma to lead others to do their best, as well. You are pushing forward with projects around the house. You are brimming with confidence. Remember to not push yourself too hard. Ideas take time to develop, so don’t get frustrated if everything is not done in one day.

Your leadership abilities are on display. However, don’t be too bossy, even if you are the boss. The best way to lead is to play into other people’s strengths, not beat them over the head with your authority. Take the lead but don’t micromanage. Work can be fun, you know!

Today you can be an inspiration. But maybe someone in your sphere will motivate and inspire you. Teaming up with that person can manifest some amazing results.

Weekday Inspiration for 8-2-2017

The card for today is the Queen of Pentacles. We know that this Queen is about material manifestation, stability, and the comforts of home. But let’s not forget why the Queen of Pentacles is a Queen: It is because she is self-possessed. What does it mean to be self-possessed? It means to have it together internally, to be confident, and most importantly, to be comfortable in your own skin.

Technically, we reside in our houses and often we feel as if society judges us based on the things we own. But at the end of the day, when no one is looking, who we believe ourselves to be is where we really live. Our self worth is the only thing we truly possess. So make sure that you value yourself and that your actions are in line with what you are worth and who you want to be.

How much are you worth? You are priceless. It doesn’t matt0er if you are a man or a woman: You are the Queen. You are sovereign.

Feel your presence as you walk this earth, knowing that you belong on this planet. You are part of it and it is part of you. Take this moment to ground yourself in this stable energy. By becoming one with Earth’s energy, you become one with the Universe.

Weekday Inspiration for 7-26-2017

The card for today is the Three of Swords. A sharp sense of disappointment is indicated here. You may have a sudden realization and you will feel hurt. But this is mental pain more than emotional pain. That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt any less — at least for now. It just means that once the clouds clear, you will see your situation with fresh eyes, learn a few lessons, and move on.

It is interesting because we had another card from the suit of Swords on Monday. The thing to remember is that for the most part, the Swords deal with thoughts, logic, and mind over matter. Look at the picture on the Three of Swords card. Notice that the heart is pierced but not bleeding.

Also with the Swords, sometimes things happen quickly. You could feel the pain for longer than a few minutes or it could last for only a moment or two. One thing is for sure: You have the willpower to turn that pain into something useful that will make your future brighter.

Weekday Inspiration for 7-19-2017

The card for today is the Queen of Cups, an energy of love, compassion, nurturing, and support. Show love and concern to the people around you today. But most importantly, direct that loving energy toward yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love who you are unconditionally. In addition, become a master of your emotions. Respect your boundaries and those of others. Yet don’t be afraid to express your love for fear that you will not be accepted. Feel your way along toward balance.

Each and every one of us has “masculine” energy and “feminine” energy inside of us. The Queen of Cups is a feminine energy, so for a man, today’s suggestion is to tap into your compassionate feminine side and express it through your male identity.

Many women also have a hard time expressing their feminine side. Sometimes women feel the need to protect themselves by not appearing weak. Some feel that in order to survive in a male-dominated society they have to act tough. Women: Today is a great day to let down your guard.

Today, you may come in contact with a person who is an emotional support for you, someone who cares about you, and makes you feel loved. Cherish the time spent with that person. Those moments are truly special.

Weekday Inspiration for 7-12-2017

The card for today is the Six of Swords. This is a welcome card because it shows that you have a handle on life’s little stresses and worries that you have experienced lately.  You have decided to put irritation in it’s proper place and move on with a calmer attitude. You can now resolve any issues with a clear head.

The extremely positive energy suggested by yesterday’s card has likely helped you see that any problems you have are not impossible to overcome. And with the Six of Swords, it’s important to remember that you have support coming from somewhere—whether it’s from family and friends, social agencies, service professionals, or your own wisdom and Higher Guidance.

Responsibilities and obligations can sometimes be overwhelming. With love, positivity, and a healthy balance between thought and feeling, you will be steered in the right direction toward peace of mind and a satisfying solution.

Have a great day.

Weekday Inspiration for 7-5-2017

You are not seeing double: The card of the day is the Lovers once again. This is not a bad thing because the energy of this card is super positive. The Lovers is a Major Arcana card, and like all Major Arcana cards, it has a far reaching significance when it shows up in a reading.

Therefore, really sink into yesterday’s message as it applies to your life. Really appreciate how it feels to be your true self in relationships, despite the temptation to do otherwise. When you show up fully in your dealings with others, they are inspired to mirror you back by showing the best of themselves, and the Universe will ultimately support you both by bestowing abundance and expansion.

So bear with me as I tell you a little story. When I read do a reading, I try to become a clear channel for whatever message wants to come through from the Universe. And ever since I started this series of blog posts, the card of the day has popped out of the deck while I’m shuffling.

But today, when the Lovers card popped out, a little snakelike voice whispered in my ear: “What? The same card again? People reading your blog don’t want to see the same card twice in a row. Put the card back in the deck, shuffle some more, and pull another one. No one will ever know the difference.”

But it is important to me to keep it real, be who I say I am, and strive to be what I want to be, no matter who knows it or sees it. You can trust that I will do that. I have decided that I am all in.

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy.