Daily Tarot Reading for 7-5-2017

You are not seeing double: The card of the day is the Lovers once again. This is not a bad thing because the energy of this card is super positive. The Lovers is a Major Arcana card, and like all Major Arcana cards, it has a far reaching significance when it shows up in a reading.

Therefore, really sink into yesterday’s message as it applies to your life. Really appreciate how it feels to be your true self in relationships, despite the temptation to do otherwise. When you show up fully in your dealings with others, they are inspired to mirror you back by showing the best of themselves, and the Universe will ultimately support you both by bestowing abundance and expansion.

So bear with me as I tell you a little story. When I read do a reading, I try to become a clear channel for whatever message wants to come through from the Universe. And ever since I started this series of blog posts, the card of the day has popped out of the deck while I’m shuffling.

But today, when the Lovers card popped out, a little snakelike voice whispered in my ear: “What? The same card again? People reading your blog don’t want to see the same card twice in a row. Put the card back in the deck, shuffle some more, and pull another one. No one will ever know the difference.”

But it is important to me to keep it real, be who I say I am, and strive to be what I want to be, no matter who knows it or sees it. You can trust that I will do that. I have decided that I am all in.

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy.

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