Weekday Inspiration for 7-17-2017

Happy Monday, everyone. Today’s card is the Nine of Pentacles. This card puts a spotlight on the abundance in your life when it comes to finances and material possessions. Your hard work is paying off and you are starting to feel a real sense of stability, self confidence, and well being. You may have more to do to fully reach your goals but you have come a long way. So enjoy the peace of mind you feel today and even treat yourself to something nice. You earned it.

Here are a few other things to remember, as well:

  • First, the more you express your gratitude, the more things you will find in your life to be grateful for. So always look for things to be thankful for.
  • Remember that this is not the end of the journey. Continue doing what you’re doing to maintain your success.
  • Share a bit of your wealth today. Even if it’s not money or items, you can share your wisdom. Because of how well you’re doing, others may see you as a role model.

Finally,  enjoy the abundance of nature today. That is a gift that belongs to all of us. Go outside and get some air. Water your plants. If you have any pettable pets, make sure you give them an extra hug!

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