Daily Tarot Reading for 7-18-2017

Hi, all. Today’s card is Death, which is all about endings—as well as beginnings. Circumstances and attitudes that no longer serve your higher good will be fading out of the picture. Some examples are the end of a job (quitting, firing, retirement), the end of a relationship, or a decision to halt production on a project that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

But whether this is a sad experience or not depends on your attitude. If you were blindsided and didn’t see the changes coming, this may feel like an unwelcome change. But sometimes things happen gradually and it gets to the point where enough is enough. It simply could be a situation that has come to its natural conclusion.

Sometimes the Death card is a sign that you are the one who should let go, that you should move on because there is nothing more to be gained from the current situation. But sometimes this card shows that the decision is out of your hands. Something is leaving your life and you don’t have a say in it. Either way, the best way to handle the situation is to grieve the loss if you must but don’t resist the leaving. Holding on would be a waste of time.

Don’t forget that story is not over. The ending indicated here is making a way for a new beginning. Eventually, you will see, if you haven’t already, that this so-called death can be a transformation into something much better.

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