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There’s No Turning Back: Daily Tarot Reading for June 17, 2020

The Tarot card for Today is Death. The image on this card from the Deviant Moon Tarot is interesting and admittedly, disturbing. It shows a child trying to climb back into the  womb. But the mother figure is not allowing it because it is pregnant with another child. This image symbolizes our message for today: Sometimes, you simply can’t go back to the way things were. You have to allow for change and for something new to be born to take the place of the old ways.

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Daily Tarot Reading for May 28, 2020

The Tarot card for today is Death. This cards is about change and transformation, and many people fear those things. Sometimes people get comfortable in their habitual behaviors and with the way they think things should be. Often, changes will come whether you are ready for them or not, especially if you are set in your ways. If change is needed in your life, ride the waves and notice how gracefully you are transported safely to the shore.

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Daily Tarot Reading for January 8, 2020

The Tarot card for today is Death. I may sound like a broken record by now, but yes, we are being hit by some heavy planetary energies. This is eclipse season. As a result, you may be be going through some heavy changes. Some us are choosing to let go of things that no longer serve our highest good. But some of us may not have a choice in the matter: Things are going to change anyway. Whatever the case may be, the Death card and eclipse season can be signals that the timing is right. So try to be flexible and understand that the Universe sometimes throws in challenges to move us toward a change for the better.

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Daily Tarot Reading for November 22, 2019

The Tarot card for today is Death. As you know, the Death card is not about physical death but rather spiritual transformation. Right now, we are experiencing the season of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Where I am in New Jersey, the leaves are falling from the trees. We can compare that to the things in our lives we have to shed from time to time, like relationships, circumstances, and thoughts that no longer serve our highest good. After a period of rest in the winter, the trees will transform again and grow new leaves. And in our lives, it is the same. Outdated situations fall away from us in order to make way for new beginnings.

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Daily Tarot Reading for July 17, 2019

The Tarot card for today is the Devil (Angel of Freedom). With all of this eclipse talk lately, don’t forget to harness the energy of yesterday’s full moon. As with all full moon cycles, this is a period of time to let go of what no longer serves you, whether it is a relationship, situation, or outdated idea. Once you do that, you have set yourself free to achieve all kinds of success.

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Daily Tarot Reading for July 15, 2019

The Tarot cards for today are the Six of Pentacles (Generosity) and Death (Angel of Transformation).  Just one more day until tomorrow’s full moon and lunar eclipse. This could very well be a time of changes in your life. But this doesn’t not have to a bad thing. Be kind, be compassionate, give love, give freely, as this will help in your transformation to becoming the best self you can be.

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Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 10-19 to 10-21-2018

The Tarot cards for today, Saturday, and Sunday are Death and the Nine of Wands. Let down your guard and enjoy your weekend. Constantly being prepared for something bad to happen may or may not keep you safe, but is it taking away your joy? Is your protective stance really serving your highest good?

You’re smart. If  a challenging circumstance pops up in your life, you will be able to handle it when the time comes. Both the ups and downs give life its richness. Don’t live it always expecting the worst. Open up to the happy possibilities laid before you right now.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Daily Tarot Reading for 10-16-2018 (Fool’s Journey)

The Tarot cards for today are the Fool, Death, and the World. I think it’s remarkable that these cards came out together in that order, so I’m going to spend a little more time on this reading than usual. So bear with me!

Minor Arcana
As you may know, the Tarot deck that I use (which is one of the most popular Tarot decks and has been around a long time) has 78 cards. Fifty-six of the cards are made up of the four suits (Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups). As a group, these 56 cards are called the Minor Arcana. Generally speaking, the Minor Arcana represents things that happen during everyday life and temporary events.

Major Arcana
The other 22 cards as a group are called the Major Arcana. They are numbered from 0 to 21. In a reading, they usually point to major turning points in a person’s life or an important highlight.

When the 22 cards in the Major Arcana are laid spread out one by one in numerical order, it is said to tell the story of the the Fool’s Journey. It starts with the 0 card (the innocent Fool) who begins his spiritual journey by learning how to use the four elements with the 1 card (the Magician), then learning how to rely on intuition with the 2 card (the High Priestess), then learning how to deal with raw masculine energy with the 3 card (the Emperor), and so on.

The Fool’s Journey
In my mind, the three cards I pulled today  is a perfect summary of the Fool’s Journey — starting at the beginning of the Major Arcana with card 0, the Fool, onward to the middle of the Major Arcana with card 13, Death (which is a symbol of transformation), and ending with the last card of the Major Arcana, card 21, the World (which symbolizes the successful completion of a major milestone).

Today’s Reading
Astrologically speaking, we have been dealing with some potent energies this year, including lots of retrogrades and a powerful series of eclipses. Like the Fool, we could not know exactly how these energies would affect our lives, but we carried on. It is very likely that your life has changed in important ways this year, both outwardly and in the way you think and feel inside. This is what the Death card represents — important change in your life. The World card suggests that you have come to understand what these changes mean and as a result, you are wiser.

Even as you celebrate the completion of this cycle, know that the cycle always begins again. There is always something new to learn and aspects of ourselves to discover. Like peeling an onion, there is always another layer.

Have a great day.

Daily Tarot Reading for 7-30-2018

Good morning everyone! The Tarot cards for today are Death and the Magician. Death was the card we pulled on Friday for the lunar eclipse and the weekend. It shows up again today to remind us that transformation and change is not an instant process. So take time out to feel the effects of any recent changes and learn how to make them a part of your life.

With that being said, the Magician card shows that it is time to create new ideas for how you want to live your life as a result of these changes. You now have the tools to create magic. Use the fire of your passion, the clarity of your mind, and the depth of your emotions. Then ground these energies into the core of your being.

Have a magical day.

Daily Tarot Reading – Extended Weekend Report 7-27 to 7-29-2018

The Tarot card for today, Saturday, and Sunday is Death. The Death card is a symbol of transformation. This means letting go of old patterns, ways of thinking, and stagnant situations to make way for a brand new dawn. Today of course is the full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius that has been much talked about and anticipated. In astrology, the lunar eclipse is known to bring in the energy of change and transformation. The effects of the eclipse are far ranging, so you may have been seeing major shifts in your life for months now, and you may feel their effects for months to come. Keep in mind that these changes are advancing you to greater  heights and more happiness in your life. The goal is to embrace and accept change, and to realize how change can greatly benefit you.

Have an awesome day and spectacular weekend.