Daily Tarot Reading for 8-10-2017

The card for today is the Emperor. Are you a supervisor, team captain, parent, or anyone else who is in a leadership position? You should be completely confident in your authority today. Yesterday’s card had a similar message about  leadership but today’s card is the same concept on steroids. So while I warned against micromanaging yesterday, today I’m saying more intense supervision is in order. If there is any warning, it is to make sure that you treat others with respect. Also, while this energy encourages you to let your mind overrule your heart, the heart shouldn’t disappear.  Exert your will with love.

If you are not the one in authority, this card could also represent your boss, work colleague, or parent. You may find that this person is a little overbearing. But at the end of the day, what they are telling you to do is probably for your greatest good.

Anything that requires discipline may be easier to accomplish today. So if you need to concentrate, meditate, or study, today is ideal for those activities.

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