Daily Tarot Reading for 2-14-2018 (Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday)

Hi! The Tarot card for the day is the Emperor. Some of us are recognizing today as Valentine’s Day. So it seems a little odd that the Emperor card would appear in my draw today. The Emperor card leans more toward logic than the heart. It represents authority and so-called “masculine” energy. But today is also Ash Wednesday, which starts off Lent for those of the Christian faith. So in that aspect, the idea of tradition and following rules is in keeping with the Emperor card.

For my part, I believe that showing love is something we should do every day, with no special holiday needed! And I bet there are other “Scrooges” out there who do not embrace the whole Valentine’s Day meme for a variety of reasons.

So with all that being said, I think the energy of the Emperor card is encouraging us to embrace the institutions of Valentine’s Day (to celebrate love) and Ash Wednesday (to feel like you are a part of the Universal Consciousness).

Traditionally, women receive most of the Valentine’s Day gifts and attention. But make sure to acknowledge your male significant others — not just lovers but also fathers, brothers, uncles, and friends. And for women like me who take the hard line about Valentine’s Day, show us some love, too. We may talk tough, but I doubt that any of us would turn down love.

Have a “lovely” day.


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