All Signs – Weekly Tarot Reading: November 22-28

We are still in a new moon cycle, this is a holiday week for some of us, and we are heading into the full moon/lunar eclipse in Gemini next week. There is a lot going on! Find out what concerns the cards highlight for your sun, moon, and rising sign for this upcoming week. All signs.
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Aries – Social gatherings bring up intense emotions
Taurus – Business/creative projects look promising
Gemini – You’re gaining financial stability
Cancer -The past can’t hold you back anymore
Leo – Manifestation can be a double-edged sword
Virgo -The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past (in a good way!)
Libra – Honor your unconventional choices
Scorpio – Exchanging ideas stirs the creative process
Sagittarius – Giving back and honoring your roots
Capricorn – Sit tight: Saturn is leaving Capricorn (I promise)
Aquarius – Rejoice the past for what making you the star that you are
Pisces – Feel free to express your emotions in any way that suits you

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