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Weekly Tarot Horoscope Video for January 9-15, 2022

Here’s a sneak peek at the Tarot horoscope video for this week as we settle into Jupiter in Pisces and approach the next Mercury retrograde. Each week, the Tarot horoscope videos feature my comments on the week’s astrology and 3-card readings for each zodiac sign. You can check for your sun, moon, and rising and cross watch for you loved ones.

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Weekend Tarot and Tarot Horoscopes

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All Signs – Weekly Tarot Horoscope for December 27, 2020-January 2, 2021

The new video is up for the  Weekly Tarot Horoscopes, All Signs, exclusively on Patreon. This week, all the signs had uplifting messages as we head into the full moon on the 29th and a brand new calendar year.

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All Signs – Weekly Tarot Reading: November 29-December 5

We will experience the full moon/lunar eclipse in Gemini this week. How can you best prepare? Listen to the intro for some ideas. Then, check the Tarot readings for your sun, moon, and rising to see what type of situation will be your focus for the week. All signs.

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Aries – Who is the real winner?
Taurus – Getting what you deserve
Gemini – Finding your safe place
Cancer – Winning friends and influencing people
Leo – Pleasant choices
Virgo – Certain relationship changes are needed to prosper
Libra – You have nothing to lose
Scorpio – Somebody to love
Sagittarius – Get the recognition you crave
Capricorn – A healing message
Aquarius – Shine brightly with confidence
Pisces – A life well lived

All Signs – Weekly Tarot Reading: November 22-28

We are still in a new moon cycle, this is a holiday week for some of us, and we are heading into the full moon/lunar eclipse in Gemini next week. There is a lot going on! Find out what concerns the cards highlight for your sun, moon, and rising sign for this upcoming week. All signs.
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Aries – Social gatherings bring up intense emotions
Taurus – Business/creative projects look promising
Gemini – You’re gaining financial stability
Cancer -The past can’t hold you back anymore
Leo – Manifestation can be a double-edged sword
Virgo -The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past (in a good way!)
Libra – Honor your unconventional choices
Scorpio – Exchanging ideas stirs the creative process
Sagittarius – Giving back and honoring your roots
Capricorn – Sit tight: Saturn is leaving Capricorn (I promise)
Aquarius – Rejoice the past for what making you the star that you are
Pisces – Feel free to express your emotions in any way that suits you