Daily Tarot Energy Reading for December 15, 2021

The Tarot cards for today are the 6 of Pentacles and the 4 of Swords. ‘Tis the season for giving and receiving—for some of us. I don’t know who needs to hear this but keep in mind that some people are not into the holidays. There are so many reasons why this is the case. For those who don’t celebrate, it’s really hard to avoid the holiday trappings because it takes over the media, shopping centers, and the work place, just to name a few venues. For your part, don’t assume that “season’s greetings” applies to all. And if you are someone who feels as if you can’t escape reminders of the winter holidays, try to take a step back. Establish your boundaries as much as you can. The new year and a new mindset will be upon us before you know it.

Two special readings are available! Click the links to find out more about the Sagittarius Season Reading and the December “You Are A Gift” Reading. Hurry! These offerings are time-limited.

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