Daily Tarot Energy Reading for March 24, 2022

The Tarot cards for today are the Seven of Coins and the Seven of Rods. You might be feeling frustrated today, thinking that you are not as far along as you want to be in achieving your goals. You may think that other people are standing in your way, somehow. A card pulled from the Butterfly Affirmations Oracle card deck says:

I don’t need to control life.
I believe in magic and miracles.

You simply have to trust in Divine timing, and you certainly can’t control what other people do. So, believe that what is meant for you and your highest good will present itself to you soon enough.

Starting April 1, 2022, the Daily Energy Readings will be posted on my Patreon page exclusively. Visit my Patreon page for more details and consider joining. https://patreon.com/msjoycetarot

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