Tarot Card Meditation: Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is a card about stability and fulfillment in the household. This is usually thought to mean financial stability and material comfort.

However, many times this card is thought to carry with it a bit of a warning. As you can see in the After Tarot card, the man and woman of the household are walking away from the family coffers with a sense of satisfaction. But the child holding the pentacle (coin) doesn’t seem to understand the importance of the money. Nor does the dog. Their thinking is more innocent.

The point is that it is wonderful to have creature comforts and to be in a stable home situation. But don’t forget why you worked so hard for these things. It is not the things themselves but how they make you feel. 

Taking it a step further, having a stable home life, especially if you have a family, is about being together in a safe environment. If you are comfortable, don’t forget about the togetherness part of the equation. If you live alone, it is about having that connection with yourself and a sense of self worth, as well as having money.

Have an awesome day.
(A version of this post originally appeared on my Patreon page on December 29, 2019.)

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