Words for the Weekend, New Moon in Pisces Edition, All Zodiac Signs (February 11-12)

Many blessings to you as the sun moves into the sign of Pisces on the18th and the new moon in Pisces is exact on the 19th. Here are your messages from Spirit for the weekend (all signs)!

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Water Signs
Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

The waters are deep and you know how to navigate them well

Feel your way along

Life is but a dream

Fire Signs
Aries – Leo –Sagittarius

Take a ritual bath

Cleanse your aura

Feel refreshed

Hope that the world is ready for the new you

Air Signs
Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Get in touch with your spiritual side


Evaluate your beliefs

Share your wisdom in conversations with others

Earth Signs
Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Love is here

Get swept away by the moment

The wine is sweet

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